Monday, May 24, 2010

William is Two!!

My sweet baby boy is 2 years old today. My littlest one. Two. How can this be?!?

I remember him being born like it was yesterday. His tiny tender body in my arms. His little sounds. His newborn scent. :)

But, here we were on Saturday, my children and I, shaping wool into soft felt balls for his chubby 2 year old hands to roll and play with...........

And so the rooster crowed early this morning, just before six, before the sun popped it's head over our hill.......... and we were all on the big bed, cuddling him and kissing him in the early dawn light, and wishing him a happy birthday! He knew, he understood. There was going to be a cake today!!! A chocolate cake with "mowers on top, Mama!" :D

Stuart showing William his cake

One of the mowers on top had to come straight off.. He was so excited!!!!

blowing softly..........

he did it!!
Yes, we did eat cake for breakfast.... along with other things :D

unwrapping his felt balls......... wrapped in a blue playsilk!
I've been wanting to buy one for so long.... could only afford a little one but he still liked it

hiding, and singing his favourite hiding song......

his own special beeswax crayons

this boy loves to draw, and so does his big sister.........

she presented him with a book she had made him..........
a mowers 'colours' book! very cute........

and a mower to hang above his cot

and a finger-knitted bracelet....... which he flatly refused to wear, to Saraya's dismay

later on, drawing again

icing and decorating biscuits for morning tea

William's birthday flowers picked from the garden.
I presented them to him yesterday, and he beamed!!! He loved helping me put them in water.

We did little today other than eat, and read, and cuddle and draw.

He also requested a walk, so we did that too, right down our hilly road.

And when Papa got home the best surprise of all happened for our birthday boy.......

A big long ride on the mower!!!!!!

Happy birthday my beautiful bouncy boy. You are so very very loved by us all!!!


Heather said...

Happy Birthday little William!

Vic said...

He is such a gorgeous little man! What a wonderful day! See you soon! xx

Karen said...

Love that cake!

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

Happy birthday to your boy. I am presently saying 'I cannot believe my baby boy is going to be 18 in July!' Time goes by so quickly so enjoy every moment of these precious years and refute every comment that comes your way about 'the terrible twos'. There can be challenges yes, but I cannot abide that term which is bound up in negativity towards children and motherhood and prefer to call them the terrific twos when the little baby comes alive as his words start coming together - he can communicate with you now, what an amazing time! And as you know so much learning takes place in these years. Love it that you gave him his own bunch of flowers - why not! You made him feel so special!

Smilie girl said...

Happy birthday to a wonderful and special little man!

Renata said...

Happy, happy Birthday to your precious Will!
I remember when he was born - I began reading your blog right about then!
Time does fly - what a wonderful day you had to celebrate his 2 years - I love the gifts Saraya made - Zai makes exactly that kind of thing all the time as well - too cute!
Have a lovely week

~Amanda said...

Happy birthday William!

I have a little one turning 2 on Friday. Exciting, but oh so sad :( It means they are growing up!

Enjoy the coming year with your amazing little man!

AmFriend said...

A belated happy 2nd birthday wish for William. The cake is so fun and love the gifts Saraya made for William. No boy's birthday would be complete without a tractor ride.

sarah in the woods said...

What a precious time! Happy birthday William.


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