Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cutting Back

I have been reading much lately about women deciding to quit blogging, for various reasons. For most, it is the sheer distraction of the computer, luring us away from our real-life duties and into the virtual world. On a hard day, the virtual world can be a comfort, filled with ideas and inspiring pictures to help us on our way.

I have also heard many people shunning the 'beautiful' blogs out there...... blogs where the mother is content, the children happy, the family strong. This I will not do. I know (as we all should) that blogs are a snippet of real life. No-one has a perfect life. We are all human, all sinners, all flawed. All striving to do our best with what we have been given. For me, I gain so much from reading the inspirational, the beautiful, learning of the peaceful lives other families are striving to create. Homeschooling advice from seasoned homeschool mothers. Recipes. Craft ideas. I can then apply these things to my own life. Should this not be our goal as women? Always learning, always growing? And striving for peace and beauty and love in our homes?

Lately, I have felt the pull of the computer. It ebbs and flows, as does life, but right now it is luring me in. Blogging is a bit of a passion. :) And one I'm not going to give up. Blogging has taught me to seek the beauty in the every day. And reading those blogs which encourage and teach me and fill my cup - well, I'd be foolish to give that up!

So. I'm telling you all this to simply share that I'm going to be cutting back. I will not be posting frequently, at least for awhile. I want to concentrate on some other things........ working in the garden daily, playing more with the children, baking bread more regularly again, and making some birthday gifts for the boys (birthdays coming up soon!). I'm thinking I'll just do weekly posts on the weekends. I will catch up on blog reading at that time also. If I post during the week, it will just be little posts. One photo of something significant, a quote from a book I'm reading, that sort of thing.

I love you all, and wish you a very happy Mother's day!! Hope you all feel special today, as you should - you are shaping little ones who will change the world. xoxo


Ann at eightacresofeden said...

You have put my thoughts into words Saminda. The lure is so strong. This is why my blog list on my page that you see is short and sweet - I see some blog rolls and I wonder how others find the time to visit so many blogs. I do not want to put too many temptations to go blog hopping so I deliberately keep the distractions on my page to a minimum - no adverts either. Also I want to offer hope and encouragement so I try to write inspiring posts. I try to be honest but do you really want to know about the everyday trivial stuff - the size of my laundry pile -its huge! I tackle laundry mountains everyday like every other mum. Or would you prefer to read about the great books we read, the pathway to university we followed for our homeschooled teen, our favourite family recipes, the joys of home education. I don't post everyday - just once a week these days and I try to offer a variety of topics which also builds a family journal over time. I am very grateful though for all your comments but if you don't leave any that's fine too - I know you are doing what you have been called by God to do - the mission of motherhood, you are excited about this calling and that is wonderful to know!

Amanda said...

I really don't feel I could find the time to blog (or perhaps I don't have that pressing need to write, like so many of my gifted friends), but I really do appreciate a glimpse into the lives of so many talented people. I believe in the right context it can be a beautiful Titus 2 ministry. I appreciate your blog Saminda, but also respect your decision to cut back a bit. Ebbs and flow is just part of life and very healthy. Bless you.

Copland said...

Hey Saminda!

You mentioned doing some more baking, so I thought I'd hit you up for your most reliable bread recipe. Whenever I try to make bread it always seems really heavy and doughy. Any tips or ideas?

Hope you and the family are going well.

Shonni said...

Don't go away completely...I'll miss you. And thank you for this post. You did a great job describing how helpful and encouraging blogs/blogging can be. Whether it's blogging or a favorite hobby, we all have to discipline ourselves to make wise use of our time.
Happy mothers day.

Kimmie said...

All for His Glory Saminda...all for HIS glory!

Blogging has let me have a voice for His Kingdom, more so than I have expected.

Blogging has brought me friends, friends I have not found in my church with 4 walls.

Blogging has been a way God has blessed my family with support and love, like we have never known before.

Blogging has stretched my gifts, farther than they have been stretched I think. Yes, it takes time. The time it takes, needs to be managed, just like a recipe or when to do the laundry, it can be handled well or badly. I pray God helps me use it wisely, I ask for Him to help me to encourage those who need encouraging and to speak wisdom when someone is willing to listen.

I also ask God to protect me from evil, for within this blog world their lurks much evil as well. Envy, competition, self promotion, greed...all the same things that lurk in our daily world,as when we push away from the computer as well, but by His hand I seek to live.

I pray the same for you my sweet friend. May He use your life as He sees fit and in ways that will allow you to do Kingdom business; for as you know life is so short and there are so many who are lost and dieing. Too many who are lonely and destitute who have no-one to speak for them, no one who will stand with them.

Enjoy your bread baking. Tomorrow I think we are going to make heart tarts (pie dough hearts, pressed together over jam filling and maybe some pretzels too?)

mama to 8
one homemade and 7 adopted

Renata said...

Hi Saminda
Oh I understand that lure so much! That's why at times I take time off blogging - often though I just don't have time to do it.
I try to schedule when I blog (like now which is morning tea time & the washing is out), but sometimes it takes a lot of self discipline to push that x button in the RH corner!
I've also found that just a couple of posts a week (if that sometimes) is all I can do - & I only check others blogs now & again - not daily.
Enjoy your beautiful family & enjoy your break - I'm so glad you're not disappearing completely - I don't facebook, so I'd loose you altogether.
Have a great week & I look forward to your weekend update!
Love to you

AmFriend said...

I wholly understand your decision to cut back. I will look forward to whatever updates you choose to post.

Kelly said...

Ah, I love blogs like yours-illustrations of how full and satisfying a simple life can be. Please don't ever think you fall into the 'abnormally perfect' category!


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