Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Birthday

Well, it's all over red rover. ;) The anticipation, the worry (over the number- silly, I know...), all the whispering in the hall over present making/buying/decorating/hiding, the cake, the candles, the pressies, the wine, our weekend visiting family, the visit from my Mum.......... all over. Mum is home. Celebrations have ended. And I am 30.

Yesterday was wonderful. My husband is thoughtful and precious - and somehow, every birthday I am reminded how much he really loves me. It truly is the best feeling in the world to feel loved! :)

We headed to my parent's home in Brisbane for the weekend. This was a great time - lots of food (!), nice wine, great company, a facial, saw 'When In Rome' with Mum, boardgames galore, trip to the Museum / Art Gallery with the children....... a great weekend!

Elijah learning a bit of guitar from my brother!

Mum then came back up home with us so I was able to share my actual birthday with her which was so nice. Mum and Stu and the children made the day special for me. Stu had to go to work, but the rest of us went to Mainly Music and spent time with friends and had lunch out and had rests before dance class. :) Then last night Stu and I went to the movies to see Hurt Locker while Mum stayed with the sleeping babes.

Seriously, the whole day was so nice! There were handmade cards and gifts from the children, yummy breakfast, salmon for dinner thanks to my wonderful Mother, and some very special gifts from family and friends. :) Plants, jewelery and BOOKS seemed to be the theme this year. Finances have been tight for awhile and so instead of purchasing books I have been making a wishlist. :) Well, Stuart did the most romantic thing I think he has ever done, and he ordered every single one of those books from the Book Depository for me!!! Yesterday, 2 Dickens classics, Liz Curtis Higgs' new novel, and Sally Clarkson's 'Dancing With My Father' arrived! And today along came 2 Karen Andreola books for homeschooling...... and there are more books to come. I feel like I am in Heaven. :) So many wonderful books to read and explore and be inspired by. I have such a great husband, don't I?!!

Birthday kiss from my boy

Gorgeous Beatrix Potter journal from Mum - can't wait to pour over this one!

Beautiful cards to treasure

I woke up to find this taped to the wall - Stuart's card for me - a photo banner of pictures from my last birthday through to this one - one year of memories - and a precious message from him! He is so creative!

parts of the card banner..........

Some of my new books!!

I think this has officially been my favourite birthday ever. Which is nice, being a significant one and one I was a bit nervous about even having. :/

A Heavenly Father who made me and loves me, an earthly family who cares for me, wonderful, thoughtful friends, a beautiful home and beautiful gifts to enjoy............. Yes, I am one happy 30 year old girl tonight. :) Thank you everyone!


sarah in the woods said...

Happy birthday!! Sounds like a wonderful, special weekend!

Kelly said...

Oh wow, happy birthday! What a fantastic day with such thoughtful presents :)

Sandra said...

Such a super birthday for an extra special person! I'm glad you were spoilt rotten.
And I love Stuart's card...

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

I know you deserve it Saminda! How blessed were you! So good to hear you had a fantastic day - I'm off to Koorong to check out that Sally Clarkson book. I have her other books too.

Renata said...

What a wonderful birthday you had! I love Stuart's card - he is so creative!
Books are always my favourite present as well - & making a wish list sounds like such a great idea- I'm always stuck when I'm asked straight out what I want.
Please tell me how you find that Sally Clarkson book - I've heard some wonderful reviews.
Have a lovely post birthday week
Renata :)

Kimmie said...

Glad you had such a sweet birthday and so glad you have such a loving and thoughtful husband. blessed, blessed, you are so Blessed!

Happy belated birthday my friend. (who is such a baby...I have a decade on you my friend!)

mama to 8
one homemade and 7 adopted

AmFriend said...

What a wonderful extended celebration you had for your birthday. Your cake looks like it was DELICIOUS and I love the fun candles on it. Stuart is a doll. So thoughtful and creative getting you ALL the books from your wish list and making you that wonderfully personal and unique card.

jazzy cat said...

What a wonderfully thoughtful and personal card/banner that Stuart made you Min! Your birthday celebrations sound lovely and I hope the rest of your 30th year is as encouraging! Many happy (belated) returns!


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