Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Glimpse of My Morning

Just a few photos to share of our morning at home today. The autumn sky is glorious! The weather is so divine. Chilly nights and warm days. The garden is thriving after yet more rain last night. Winter woollies have been washed today for William. :) So nice to pull out all Elijah's old size 2 winter clothes and handle them again. I baked bread rolls for lunch and Saraya made her own little loaf. The children put on a spontaneous play for me this morning - the story of Peter Rabbit! Complete with audience seating, dressed-up bunnies for Peter and Benjamin, a cat, Mr Macgregor and Mrs Macgregor (dolls), Old Mrs Rabbit, and a stick scarecrow on which to hang Peter's blue jacket! Saraya made a fine ticket-maker and usher, and she and Elijah shared the narration / acting of the story with the toys. So cute!!

We've been for a walk and I've managed to wash bed sheets and clean the bathrooms. We've finished schooling for the day. Now to tackle the dishes and the vacuuming!! And the mountain of folding...

Nice to sit here first though. And nice to be popping in to my blog mid-week. :)


Karen said...

Looks like a lovely morning!

gardenmama said...

Such lovely, cozy photos!
I love seeing your clothesline : )

AmFriend said...

Love the stick scarecrow that held Peter's blue jacket. You're kids are very creative.


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