Saturday, May 29, 2010

Just Wanted to Share

Saraya is reading her first chapter book independently!! She hasn't shown interest in doing so until today, when she picked up a copy of The Boxcar Children. We have read countless chapter books together, but this afternoon she began her own reading adventure. The tale of four orphaned siblings making their way in the world, all alone, captured her imagination! She is stopping every few pages to look up, breathless, and share all the details with me.

Baths out of the way, she was at it again. 5 chapters in and very excited!! I pray this is the beginning of a great love of reading. :D


Kimmie said...



sarah in the woods said...

Oh how wonderful!

Mythopoeia said...

Bravo, Saraya! Chapter books are among the most beautiful things life has to offer :D

AmFriend said...

YAY Saraya. As an avid reader and bibliophile, I sincerely hope she catches the reading bug. She will have so many adventures through reading.

Karen said...

My kids love those books!

~Amanda in Vic said...

Yay! My kids love books - they would have me read to them all day if it were possible.

I have a question for you. What chapter books would you recommend as read-alouds for 6 year olds?



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