Thursday, May 20, 2010

Homeschool Happenings

Yes, I did coin this phrase from you Amy - I hope you don't mind!! :D

Well, I have a sick little boy who is demanding cuddles 24/7 this week (and rightfully so, he clearly feels awful) so all else seems to be falling by the wayside. I am striving to read to and pray with the children each day, and if that's all we achieve, then so be it! I'm also trying to keep the house clean and tidy and feed us well so we don't all come down with the cold.

Despite all this a few good things have been happening on the homeschooling front and I've taken a few photos so I thought I'd share them. My focus right now is on little achievements, noticing the little things, striving for contentment through simplicity. It's easy to notice the things I don't do, so minimising my to-do lists and taking note of what I do do is keeping me sane this week!

we made playdough last week, and it's had a workout this week! Will especially loves it. Nice to find something which keeps him amused for awhile....

the children had a long painting session on Monday

colouring, cutting, and putting in order of size - Eljiah enjoyed this activity, thanks Sarah for the link!

I caught this one this morning! Nice to cuddle your kitten whilst practicing handwriting... :)

ticking more words off her self-composed spelling list

look, cover up, write, look, cover up, write....... this system is working well. 2 new words each day, plus more being added all the time...

Elijah is learning to read! Teaching him his phonics is working well. He is frequently blending letter sounds on his own now, the beginnings of an independent reader, yay!!
Today we did 'Ff' and all joined him in a fun fish activity!

William 'stuffing' his fish (please excuse his runny nose...)

cutting strips of paper for the sea

all done! Our fishy mobile. William loves it and it's brightened up our living room....

the children have displayed their collection of coral on top of the library shelves - it's kind of turning into a sea theme in here now!

Hope everyone's having a great week. Blessings!!


Smilie girl said...

It looks like a productive day to me! Love the fish mobile.
Hope William feels better soon.

sarah in the woods said...

Thanks for sharing your spelling. I want to start something similar with Miah this coming year . . . maybe.

Saminda said...

The spelling list sort of just happened. I had read about Charlotte Mason's technique to learn spelling, but hadn't formally started any. Then when Saraya was becoming frustrated as she wrote, every time she was unsure of a word, I thought I needed to do something! So she started to formulate a list of words she would like to be able to spell... and we learn 2 a day from that list. It's working well! :)

Renata said...

What a fun time you've been having (well except for Will being sick - hope he's better now). My kids also love having our kittens on their laps or desks while doing school work - it's great for Ellie as she practices her reading to them!


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