Thursday, May 6, 2010

The 4 Best Bits

By 9am this morning, I was thinking "Okay. So it's just one of those days."

We'd had tears. Squabbles. Grumps. Not just from one but from all three of the children. And, I admit, from me too. Sometimes it just happens. Not often, but sometimes. And I really really dislike it when it does.

I have a tendency to get filled with doubt on a day like today. I have to really fight to regain the joy, to see the light, to remember that not every day is like this!!! I tend to beat myself up too, emotionally. I point the finger at myself, blame myself, etc. Then I stop and tell myself it's okay, tomorrow will be better, our family is fine, I am doing fine. Everyone has doubts and bad days sometimes. Tell me I'm right, friends?

I want to be real on my blog so I do share when I've had a rough day. But. I also like to share the joys! So........ here are the 4 Best Bits of my morning. There are always good bits on any day, right?!

A stack of brand new books on my kitchen counter, ready to be read!

Fresh produce from the markets this morning

A bowl full of citrus on the dining table...... the smell is divine!

My girl with a smile on her face, bike riding after lunch. So much happier than this morning.....

"Love comforteth like sunshine after rain." William Shakespeare.

My little ones are safe, we have each other, we are off to the park to play tennis with friends this afternoon...... lots of blessings, life is good!


Vic said...

Oh Saminda, it was one of those morning at our house too! Getting to the markets was such a relief, I'm so sorry we missed you! Everyone has 'those' days, but I figure if they are outweighed by the good days then life is ok. There is beauty in everything if we look hard enough! See you this afternoon! xx

Renata said...

Oh yeah - we all have those days. Mine's not too crash hot here today either - thankfully it's thursday which is our day off school work!!

I hope you enjoy those books - they look very interesting! Also that produce looks wonderful. How I wish we had a good fresh f&v market around here.
Hope your day continues to improve
Renata :)

Ann at eightacresofeden said...

Don't you just love the smell and feel of new books - you keep reminding me of books I would love to read Saminda! I really need to read books that enthuse and inspire me rather than the one I just finished. There were new books in our library the other day, I couldn't resist loaning Sarah Palin's autobiography because it was a new book and I was vaguely intrigued by her but it is obvious where her priorities lie - politics. Have yawned my way through enough detail on Alaskan politics to last a lifetime and wondered how a mother could put in 20 hour days and believe she was still there for her family because she took them with her on her campaign trail. I'd much rather be at home even on the grumpy not so exciting days than be away from home and one day live to regret it. Next book for me to peruse is all about gardening with children - now that's more like it!

Sandra said...

Some days are great, some aren't so fantastic. But those books and fresh fruit and vege sure made me smile.
Here's to a better day tomorrow.

Saminda said...

Thank you ladies!!!

And yes, the day got better. :) Spending time at the park with friends this afternoon was just what we needed. :) And I have a nice day at home planned out for us tomorrow... plenty of balance, I hope.

I liked your story about the book Ann- it made me smile. Sometimes I 'make' myself read something, but it's always more enjoyable to read something I really want to read!!


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