Friday, May 7, 2010

Photos of our Friday

Today was better! Praise God!!

My faith in homeschooling is restored, my faith in my family and myself and our way of life is filling my heart once again. A good day, a happy day, a productive day!

I went through today snapping pictures for me to remember, moments to share with those of you who would like to share them.........

While I was working through housework early this morning, the children were 'cooking' with dry pasta and utensils (actually, Elijah was being a superhero, cape and all, and helping me to clean..) Dress-ups were enjoyed!

Doing maths, still in chef costume ..... :)

Making a little paper dog - Elijah and I looked at the letter "d" today - he is loving learning his letters and letter sounds!

Playing with all the trucks in the dirt kept both boys busy while Saraya and I read her science lesson.

I had set aside some time for a few gardening jobs before lunch time.
It was a really happy time. These autumn days are glorious!

A friend gifted me with a Gooseberry bush for my birthday, so today we planted it into the orchard.

Digging a hole for our new plant.

A bucket full of good broken-down cow manure.

My willing mulching helper :)

All the fruit trees got fertilized with cow manure, and fresh mulch.

A wonderful surprise....... our first peach blossom! I know the tree is too little to bear fruit, but just seeing those lovely pink blossoms is promising!

This morning Saraya and I learnt about the interesting nature and habits of the lacewing.
Until today I knew little of this fascinating insect - but now I know lots! Oh the joys of homeschooling! So this afternoon Saraya was determined to find an adult lacewing, and some of their funny bead-like eggs extended on small 'threads', in our garden. I was doubtful........

............. but soon came the cry of "Mama, here they are!!!" Yep, and there they were.

We spent an hour in garden this afternoon......... swinging,

practicing our throwing and catching,

and climbing.

Hehe, this is Elijah cutting the grass hair of his "funny Mr Hair man" he made!
He was enjoying a creative game of being a Hairdresser while Saraya and I were inside preparing dinner. :)

Also, Saraya told me today that she wanted to bake a chocolate cake, completely by herself.
And she did it. She looked up the recipe, found all the ingredients, measured everything, mixed, greased the pan, set the oven timer.... everything.

I must admit I was amazed at how capable she was.

It turned out beautifully and made a welcome dessert!

And delicious icing............ mmmmm. :)

"He is the happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home." J.W. von Goethe.

Lots of peace here today, for which I am so thankful.


Vic said...

I'm so glad you had a better day Saminda! The photos are lovely, what happy children they are! Big congratulations to Saraya for that yummy cake, Wow! Love the peach blossom too! xx

Sandra said...

Good to hear!
Very impressed with the cake making too. Great job Saraya!

AmFriend said...

Oh my the picture of Saraya in her gardening get-up pulling the wagon is priceless. And Will on the tire swing - precious. Elijah is so cute cutting grass hair. The cake looks yummy. Nice job Saraya.

momto9 said...

This was such a precious post!! Thanks for sharing!


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