Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I'm sorry I haven't got to post since Saturday. We've been very busy celebrating Elijah's birthday, having visitors, etc., AND our computer has been having some massive issues. Stuart is still working through them- I have no idea what's wrong with it, but it seems to be pretty sick!! At least I can blog, though no photos!! :( Very sad about that- I had so many I wanted to share.

Anway, I though I'd just share that we had a great day on Sunday. :) Eljiah woke up very very excited, as expected, and enjoyed his birthday breakfast and all his presents! It had rained all night Saturday, and was still threatening on Sunday, so we put off our plans to bushwalk that day. Mum and Ray arrived about 10am, and gifted Elijah with a set of cute bongo drums, and a steel drum as well!! He loves them, and has been drumming ever since. :)

We had his frog cake for morning tea, played for a couple of hours, had lunch, the kids watched a dvd, then we all went for a drive to the original 'Maryborough site' to explore the history and great walks by the river there. The weather had cleared by then, and it was lovely!
Dinner at McDonald's (guess who requested that one?) then home for baths and bed. Mum and Ray headed off as the children headed to bed, exhausted! It was a good day.

And guess what? We woke up yesterday to the most glorious day, and since we were having a public holiday we decided to make the drive to Mount Walsh! Elijah got his birthday wish after all. :) We packed a picnic lunch and did the walk- steep and rocky though it was- and got much further than we did last time we visited. The children did SO well. We found a spot up high on the mountain, and sat in some long grass just off the walking trail to eat our picnic. The view from up there was stunning, and we got to enjoy that beauty and peacefulness together. It was a real red letter day! Such a pretty place.

And back to the norm today. Stuart's at work; we've done homeschooling this morning, been to Mainly Music in town, done the grocery shopping, had lunch, and now everybody's resting. Though I can hear that Will's just woken up! He's got a nasty cough today- I don't know where it's come from- so I'd better go tend to him.

Have a great Tuesday everyone!!


Renata said...

Happy Birthday Elijah!!
Sounds like you had a fun time!
Had a giggle at the present your mum gave him - bet he loves it though!!!
Glad you are going well & had a fun long weekend!

JM said...

Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday Elijah! Hope every birthday will be as lovely as this one.


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