Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Today, I haven't been a very good Mummy. I have been quite cross and used my 'sour face' way more than necessary.

I have been frustrated many times with my children who were most likely just crying out for some quiet, one-on-one attention. Tuesday is our busiest day (Wednesday is also pretty busy....) and it can all just be a bit much sometimes.

More confessions.........
My children were really off today. They broke our birdbath, played with the hose in the freezing cold just before dark, bounced our flower arbour (still no flowers on it) around the front yard, found Stuart's facepaint and used it without asking, fussed and whined and complained about everything. I didn't even want to see them by the end of the day.

Saraya didn't do any official homeschooling until 1 o'clock this afternoon.

She whinged the whole way through it.

We were totally out of routine.

I am really, really, nauseatingly tired today.

I spent too much while grocery shopping.

I ate 2 and a half cinnamon donuts, half a big packet of Deli-Rock rice crisps (oh yum) and drank 2 cups of coffee this afternoon. And very little else. :( Totally not me. Obviously seeking some comfort food!

Stu is settling a very unhappy William to sleep......... and I just don't want to go help him.

I'm sitting here blogging and drinking red wine. I still haven't cleaned up the dinner dishes. :(

Yep, this is me, transparent me at the end of a too-long, too-busy, too-everything day. Thought I'd be real here, through thick and thin!


The positive spin? Well, all 3 children will be asleep soon. I know tomorrow will be a great day because really yuck days are always followed by really great ones. Don't ask me why! I guess everyone is trying hard, I am aware of doing a better job, we'll all have a good sleep and feel better in the morning.

I will sit and cuddle my husband soon, and that always makes me feel better.


Another thing that's just come to mind. An old man who was behind us in the checkout today spoke to me after watching me and the children for awhile.

He said, "Excuse me, I just wanted to say that you have a beautiful family. As you get older you realise that it doesn't matter what you achieve in life, or what you build up. The important thing is the legacy you leave behind you- your children. What they are capable of, their abilities, and the values you teach them."
Yep, he is so spot-on. I thanked him, assured him I couldn't agree more (even on a bad day :)) and he said "God bless you" and smiled such a re-assuring, lovely, wise smile I almost wanted to hug him and adopt him as my Grandpa. :)

So I will sit and think about that conversation some more tonight. And tomorrow will be a better day.


Sandra said...

What a lovely comment from the gentleman while you were out.
We all have off days, little kids and big people. Tuesdays have tended to be quite busy days for us the last few years too. Finding a way of coping with it pro-actively has helped. Like now we take it in turns to take the kids to swimming lessons and the other one stays home to prepare dinner so it's not all happening when we are all tired and grumpy and hungry. And luckily we don't have any more OT/Speech appointments on Tuesdays either. And all the other things I used to squeeze into a Tuesday.
But, hey, I'm all for the comfort food, wine and a cuddle too.
Wishing you a better day tomorrow.

Theresa said...

Thanks for your open heart.
I feel as though I have had many of these days since the birth of Isaac. I wonder what it is and why it happens. But I figure as an adult I have good and bad days and so must the children.
I just make sure I tell Nathaniel and Isaac that I love them and how special they are when I tuck them into bed. And then go a grab a packet of Tim Tams and a bottle of Coke and sit.

jazzy cat said...

ah the medicinal properties of doughnuts! ;-)

What great comments from your friends above!

Off days are ok - especially given that we probably don't realise enough that they are in the minority compared to the 'on' days! Give yourself credit for those 'on' days instead and like everything it can be used as a lesson.
Hope today has indeed been a better day!!

Renata said...

What a sweet old man - & such wise words!
Sorry to hear you had an off day - I know exactly what you mean - there are somedays that are complete write-offs! Hope your next day was wonderful!


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