Saturday, June 20, 2009

Dishwashers, procrastination and paints. Oh my. :)

This morning as I stacked the dishwasher I came across our ice-cream bowls from last night. It was late when I'd taken them to the kitchen, and I didn't bother rinsing or soaking them... and guess what? Because I'd left them to deal with in the morning, the ice-cream was all stuck and difficult to get off. I ended up having to wash them by hand.

Why on earth am I sharing this unusual piece of information? Because it got me thinking. About procrastination. About those things that we put off doing, because it just seems too big or too difficult, or we just can't be bothered at that moment. Like rinsing the ice-cream bowls. And just like the bowls, anything that we put off just gets to be a bigger job. It gets more overwhelming. It hangs over our heads. We feel bothered by whatever it is that we know we should do. Well, maybe not with little things like rinsing bowls..... but bigger things. Things we want to do, but just put off.

Stu and I are both very very good procrastinaters! Maybe it's a family talent- I've noticed Saraya also seems to have a gift for it. Sometimes (ok, frequently) we just get overwhelmed and fill our time doing other things instead of that thing we really need to do. Or should do. You know what I mean.
After all this thinking I decided to spend time doing something today that I have been putting off. For the past few weeks our bedroom had been getting out of hand- papers galore, hand-made gifts from the children, clothes to sort, lots of dust, etc. etc. I kept looking at it thinking how much I would like to get it cleaned up- but then never did anything about it. Until today!

If I'd thought about posting this sooner I would have taken some photos- maybe another day. I spent an hour or so sorting and tidying, moving a few things around, and dusting. The room looks SO much better. And I feel wonderful!! Isn't it true, that when we actually get down and do the things that are 'too hard, so I'll handle it later', we feel much better than when we were putting it off for another day? I'm looking forward to sleeping in my room tonight! And I'm feeling determined to sort out my 'messy bench' and our laundry room of disaster..........


And I just want to say how grateful I am for my husband. Despite his work-load this weekend, he still made time for us today. He took the big kids to the town Toy Library this morning, to swap their toys over- and they came home with some great stuff!

Including scooters for both the children! Something they'd never tried before. I plan on taking them to the park to scoot tomorrow!

By the time they got home Will was awake and er- 'joining in' with the board games. :)
Always a challenge!

Then after lunch Stu took all 3 kids out to collect kindling for the fire as we're expecting some cold weather next week. They also went to the shops to get a few bits and pieces- including some art supplies I asked them to pick up! So we are now equiped with paints, brushes and pastels, and oodles of great art paper. I am so excited!! I plan on doing lots of art with the children during our last week of term next week. We have a great book of projects to try with kids, based on the ideas and styles of various Impressionist painters. Saraya is so keen to try a Renoir style painting after studying many of his prints this term.

Thank-you Stuart for making time for me. I love you. xo


Copland said...

The song is a cover called 'Forever Young' by Audra Mae, originally written by Bob Dylan, and there's also a cool cover by Joan Baez.

Hope all is well in Fern-land!

Sandra said...

I don't think you are alone in that procrastinating phase. I heard on the radio that someone had done a survey of national traits and Australians sure are good at procrastinating. And yes, it's silly, because it only makes things harder to deal with by leaving it till later.
Enjoy those lovely art supplies. The few times we've had access to pastels the boys have made such lovely artworks. It's a really nice medium.

Renata said...

I´m a procrastinator as well - & you´re right it definitely feels so much better when you´ve done something that you´ve been procrastinating on - I finally sorted our shoe cupboard the other day that´s been driving me crazy for months. Sounds like you´re going to have a fantastic week - the art sounds like a lot of fun!

Theresa said...

Although it is currently 11.45pm on Sunday I am inspired to get moving on some projects around the house.
I too am very good at procrastination.
I will re-read this post every day this week and hopefully I will be able to tick a few things off my list, then I will have to re-write the list:)looks like a busy week ahead for the Coplands!

Helen said...

The thing is, Min - there's just SO many other things to do than load the dishwasher. Know what I mean! eh! eh! You bring me so much joy - do you know that?!


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