Thursday, June 25, 2009

Some rambles.

Just a few short minutes to blog.

Well, yesterday was a better day with the children. We visited 2 lots of friends which was a great change of scene for all of us. This week has still had it's ups and downs, but I'm glad the children are more settled than they were on Tuesday! Looking forward to this week ending.

We've been gradually wrapping up our bookwork for the term, and enjoying a few more art activities. Tissue paper garden scenes yesterday (modeling Monet's amazing garden paintings- Saraya's even had a bridge over water :)), and some more work with the pastels today. We did under the sea drawings. I'll post pictures sometime!

Everyone is resting now. I'm planning on taking the children out this afternoon. We need to buy some fresh fish for tea, and I'd like to get some seedlings for the garden so perhaps we'll visit the nursery. Not sure what the weather's doing though- it seems to be threatening rain yet again. This has been such a wet winter so far!

No dancing yesterday afternoon, or for the next fortnight. :( I'm missing it already. Vocal Ensemble was good last night; we're performing 4 items in the Eisteddfod here in August, and it's great to sing with a good group of singers. Now I just need to choose my own items- a few ideas but no decisions yet! I need to come up with a straight solo, music theatre piece (always my favourite) and a sacred song. Hmmmm.......

William is teething. I just noticed yesterday that he has cut his 2 top eye teeth. That makes 10 teeth- not bad for a 12 month old. My kids always teeth early for some reason. It could explain all his waking in the past 3 or 4 nights. :( Poor boy. I'm going to forfeit going to the movies with Stuart tonight (end of term group thingy; Sally was going to come babysit) because I just feel wrong about it- if Will wakes (inevitable) he will be so sad if I'm not here! And so will Sally. So maybe I'll watch a girly flick on my own instead and just chill out tonight. There's still some more wine left, so that and some dark chocolate ought to make it a special night anyhow. :)

Only 2 more days until the winter holidays begin. I can hardly believe we're half-way through the year already.

My left-over pumpkin soup is bubbling on the stove so I'd better go save it! And make some lunch for the children too. Will put up some photos sometime in the next few days. A Presto!


Karen said...

Hi! I like to read ramblings, but perhaps that's because I also tend to ramble. It's fun for me to read about your "winter holidays" as we are in summer and it is rather hot and humid right now. At least the nights are still cool...although by August they will probably be rather sultry also. Our kids are enjoying their summer vacation and cooling off in the wading pool. Enjoy your weekend!

Renata said...

I like your news - glad your week improved! Did you end up getting your seedlings - I went to a nursery the other week & ended up getting a few herbs & some pansies & strawberries - I was a little overwhelmed by the prices however - never mind I just hope they survive!


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