Friday, June 19, 2009

A good Friday

Today was a good day. Sweet, simple blessings.

A phonecall from my Mum :)
A clean and (mostly) tidy house.
The discovery of the first 2 eggs laid by our chickens- hooray! We've been waiting....
A sweet comment from my Father-in-law on my blog-- thankyou, you made my day!
A gorgeous time down by the river with my kids this afternoon.
A successful Arts night out at the school. My little girl danced like a princess! And my hubby? I just love him so much right now. :) He is amazing.
Cuddles with my littlest boy and kisses with my bigger boy before bed. I feel like I've connected with them both today- always a good feeling.

Cookies and cream ice-cream......... well, that's next on the to-do-list. Need to go get some from the freezer for my hard-working husband who is now up late (again) trying to work on report cards and falling asleep writing. :) I think I'll have some too. Just to keep him company, you know. ;)



Kelly said...

Yum to the ice cream and hooray for all of those blessings that you listed! Hope you guys have a lovely weekend, mama!

Renata said...

Yum for icecream (even in winter). Sounds like you had a great day! Have a nice weekend!

Sandra said...

So many truly good things to be thankful for. So glad you had a good day.


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