Sunday, June 28, 2009

A day with cousins!

We had a great day yesterday for the first day of holidays! Just waking up late and getting to take our time getting dressed, lounging around with cups of tea......... I could do this every day!! :) My Mum and Ray arrived at lunch time, and then we all headed up north to Bargara to visit Ray's son Jeff, his wife Jed and their two gorgeous girls Kiele and Alani. Our children met and played last summer holidays and got on SO well, they have been asking to visit the girls again ever since! Needless to say, a fun time was had by all. :) And Jeff and Jed have had a lovely outdoor spa installed since our last visit, and the children loved the novelty of getting to go "swimming" in winter! I think the water was 32 degrees C, so very very warm!

Pizza for dinner, a movie for the kids and some great conversation and a game of pool for the grown-ups, and late home to bed.

We enjoyed some time in the park with Mum and Ray this morning. The model trains were running, there was a jumping castle and Stu took Saraya and WIll on the Mary-Ann (steam train) as well. Today is a beautiful winter day, so great weather to be out and about in.

Everyone's resting at the moment, Mum and Ray have gone home :(, and I think we're going to do some gardening soon. I bought pea, broccoli and strawberry seedlings the other day and want to get them in the ground.

Happy Sunday, everyone!


jazzy cat said...

pictures tell a thousand words - priceless look on Saraya's face!!

Renata said...

I bought strawberry seedlings the other day as well & planted them on friday- can´t wait to taste their fruit!!
Glad you could have a lovely time with family - an outdoor spa sounds great!!
Enjoy your holidays!


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