Monday, June 22, 2009


A rainy day here at home, spent creating portraits in the style of Mary Cassatt. Paints first, then details added in pastels.

A wonderful experience, enjoyed by both children! "Can we do it again tomorrow Mamma?" summed it up. :)

The results:

I helped the children with their outlines by 'modeling' holding Will for them.... and helping Elijah a bit with the sketching of his and Will's bodies. The background paint-work and pastels were done independently by the children- I'm really proud of their efforts! A bit disappointed though that Eiljah asked Saraya to add eyelashes to his painting- and she did. :( Not entirely his work now, but oh well!


Theresa said...

Oh these paintings are beautiful. What a fantastic job you have done!

Tereza said...

very super duper CUTE!!!

Sandra said...

How excellent are these? Fantastic work.
Thank you for the book suggestions. I have really enjoyed Francine Rivers in the past and will have to hunt down the others that you suggested. We are very lucky that often we can find popular Christian authors that write fiction in our library, like Jeanette Oakes. So, then I can read some good for you stuff too.

Renata said...

They really are very good - I'm especially impressed with Elijah's - it would be above even Ellie's skill level!! (not that our family is remotely artistic).
I'm now going to catch up on all the posts I've missed this last week!!


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