Thursday, June 4, 2009

Our morning

Our morning thus far.....

I have fed, washed and dressed myself and the children, and fed the chickens.  Made beds, brushed 3 lots of hair and 4 lots of teeth. :)  Tidied up a bit.  Put on a load of washing.

I have read a few stories to Elijah and worked on handwriting and subtraction with Saraya.  We have played with William, and the two older children have also played with a big tub of split peas (works like sand, just cleaner!) and little animals and cars/diggers.

Right now everyone's eating apples and sultanas and watching a program about growing / harvesting / using apples!  After this is a great music program which the children love........ we'll follow this up by playing a few music games and singing some action songs / playing instruments, then onto some more housework and reading before lunch.  Geography this afternoon. :)

Sorry this isn't really very interesting.... I just felt like writing something ........ I get like this sometimes!!  Oooo, I need to say that dance class was SO great last night - I am finally feeling like I am 'getting' the choreography after 5 weeks of work!  After working through the dance a few times we did it full fledge with the music just before we came home- and I can only describe it as an adrenelin rush!!!!  I got it!!  I did it!!!  I LOVED it, and came home on such a high!
Back to reality today. :)  I still have the 'dance energy' running through me though- very helpful! And so nice to have a little break and some couple time doing something we are learning to love, every Wednesday.  

I have loved reading through everyone's comments on my last post. :)  Don't forget to add your bit if you haven't already!

Hope everyone's having a great day!

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Renata said...

Sounds like a fun morning - I enjoy reading your everyday posts - definitely NOT boring!
I like the split pea idea - if it's cleaner than sand, I'm in!!

We've changed our holiday plans, so I won't be up to Brissy until a bit later in the year.
Have a great weekend!


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