Friday, June 26, 2009

It's holidays!!!

It's late in the day, and we are officially on winter break! Stuart is home (early, hooray!) and playing with all the children in the backyard. Lots of squeeling involved. :) We've had a great last day of term- 2 and a half hours spent at the park this morning with lots of friends, burgers from Hungry Jacks for lunch, a nice long rest time, painting (again....), planting of daisies, and playing in the yard for the children while I got the back lawn mown. Beef and vegie noodle stir-fry coming up for tea. It's a new recipe where you marinate the sliced rump steak for a few hours first. I hope it's yummy. All in all, a good day!

Stuart ended up staying home last night to spend some time with me and I was so thankful. Will seems a bit more settled today so hoping he sleeps better tonight. Stu is going to the movie tonight instead, and I'm going to watch some So You Think You Can Dance auditions on TV. :)


I cannot believe that Michael Jackson died this morning. Such a shock, and a reminder that it happens to us all........ So sad, and I'm sure there will be media hype galore. He was a legend and this news has shocked the world I am sure.

My parents arrive tomorrow afternoon; I can't wait to see them. That's all from me for now!

Updated with the promised photos.........

"Under the Sea" pastels - top: Elijah, middle: me, bottom: Saraya

Tissue paper garden scenes: Elijah's "Playing Hide and Seek in the Sunflowers", above and



And this? Well, I couldn't resist including this photo of my role-playing children from tonight. :) They really make me laugh!! And I promise I never really wear my bras on the outside of my shirts. ;)


jazzy cat said...

hmmm really Min? Because I've heard that children are great mimics!!! :-P

Think they are beating their mum with the painting too! ;-P

Renata said...

That picture is too funny! Enjoy your holidays - NSW's aren't for a couple of weeks, however I'm working the kids through as we're hoping to come up to Brissy in August. I love the art you are doing with the kids - great job!


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