Thursday, August 28, 2008

3 months old and Thursday's lunchbox

Guess who was 3 months old on the weekend? I have to say I love roly-poly babies. :) Even if they are rather heavy to carry around. He is really "coming out of himself" this week, laughing a little more and starting to get interested in toys and things. He LOVES bathtime!!!
And today's gourmet lunchbox selection............. :)

A pear
A container with raw almonds and 4 pitted prunes
A piece of homemade banana cake
1 slice of fruit bread with margerine
2 cruskits (rye crackers) with promite
A fruit stick (Bella brand)


Mum said...

Hi again

Cathy said...

Happy Birthday little Will!!

jazzy cat said...

He's indeed a cutie! How's Stu's eye doing?

I'll play my lunchbox today:

1 x leftover beef stir fry
1 x cup of coffee
...wishing I was back at school when someone packed my lunch!

Cathy said...

Just had to leave another comment: this photo causes me to smile (a lot!) :) :) :) :) :)

Renata said...

3 months - wow! I started reading your blog just after you had him - that means we've been bloggy friends for that long!!
I love roly poly babies as well (all of mine were) They're so cute & huggable!


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