Saturday, August 16, 2008

Our day in pictures!!

Don't take your camera for granted......... this is the motto of my week! Finally I had my hands on a camera yesterday, and although I had headaches and it was one of "those" days in many ways, I had so much fun taking pictures. Just bare with me here!

What a happy smiley face to wake up to!

My other smiley wonder......... I have two other beautiful smiley ones from this little photo session, but they keep loading sideways for some reason. Will ask Stu about it later.

And who exactly drove the car to school to pick up Saraya?

Before you think I'm completely mad, let me explain that Eljiah likes to climb into the front of the car and have a "drive" while we're waiting for the school bell to ring (when we're early that is, which is rare!)........

Saraya Catherine after a long hard day at school. She looks pretty happy though, don't you think?! ;) Saraya is beside me as I type, and has asked me to mention "lamby" in her arms. She always brings a toy in the morning on the way to school, who then "minds" her carseat for the day. Someone to cuddle on the way home!

William, a little more sedate as we head towards bedtime..............

The other thing I wanted to add is a fun room change-around that we did last weekend. Since we've lived in this house, our middle room has been our dining room, and our front room our playroom. Well, we felt like a change and swapped them around!! I am loving the change, and here are a couple of pics to share.

A spot for drawing (paper and pens in the big basket on the blue table), puzzles, Noah's ark, railroad track, Elijah's cars, magnodoodles, books galore, and our favourite toys ever, Little People. We're having fun in that room!

I love the way the sunlight shines in here in the afternoons. It's a bright, happy room to sit and eat in and catch up on the day.


Renata said...

Your rooms look lovely - how do you keep that rug clean? - our toyroom one is constantly getting marked no matter how often I clean it.
And what lovely photos. Saraya looks like she must have had a great day at school. Will is so cute - I'm getting clucky! Have a nice weekend!

Heather said...

Your rooms are beautiful! I love your wood floors, and what a cozy, cheerful, and NEAT playroom. I don't think our playroom has ever been that neat.

I love that Saraya brings a toy to guard her car seat while she's at school. Such a cute idea!

William gets more adorable every day!

jazzy cat said...

Hey Min,

Always like to see pictures of your house and this post takes me 'inside' your home alittle more! Still loving that bookcase with the baskets! Saw it in a previous photo and thought how nice it looked (or maybe that was another similar piece). Gotta love IKEA ;-) in the playroom. Wow, William has indeed grown since you last posted pictures - he's got nice chubby cheeks now, good feeder I'm guessing :-) Saraya and Elijah look as adorable as ever (well even if it was one of 'those' days)!

Theresa said...

What a lovely idea, I would have never ever thought about the dining room table in the front room, it looks great Saminda. I do miss your house with that cottage feel and wooden features.

Karen said...

It's fun to move rooms around! Keeps things interesting (and keeps you on your toes....ever moved things around and then found yourself wandering off in the wrong direction??...I've am still trying to throw rubbish next to the sink ,even though I moved the bin inside the cupboard a month ago!) That is a great position for your table during winter and the playroom should be cooler for summer. I would love the kind of house where you can move things around Cathy does with her verandas.

Tereza said...

What a beautiful, chubby baby! The other two are too:)


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