Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wednesday's lunchbox

Today's lunchbox contained:

A container of sliced-up strawberries
A green apple
A tiny box of sultanas
A pot of Vaalia yoghurt
A small homemade chocolate brownie
Half a sandwich with tuna and mayonnaise on wholemeal bread

Hope it was yummy!!


Renata said...

Sounds yummy - yours are all so much more imaginative than poor Zai's lunches. BTW I posted about yesterday & now todays lunches as well!

Karen said...

Appleby lunchboxes on Wednesday contained

Iced finger bun
Kid size yoghurt (nestle I think)
rice crackers
5 strawberries
pear or apple

Heather said...

Bee ate lunch at school yesterday (it was hamburger and french fry day), but today she had:

Half dried beef sandwich on whole-wheat bread
Sun chips
Chocolate pudding
Skim milk

Mum said...

Hi. It worked Stu!!

Katie Cook said...

Wow Min. i wish u made my Lunches for Uni :)

katie xo


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