Saturday, August 23, 2008

Feminine Friday

Kelly at The Barefoot Mama has been hosting feminine Friday for awhile now. I haven't participated the last couple of weeks due to lack of blogging time (:(), but it's Saturday morning, the fire is going, Stu is playing a game with the 2 big kids while William naps....... and I have a spare 5 minutes!! I love weekends. :)

This week I want to share how much I love old-fashioned things. I love to read books or watch movies set during any time in history, but particularly the late 1800's - early 1900's; this is seriously when I would like to have lived! Just slot me into the March family and I would be happy. :)

I love beautiful skirts and dresses, long hair, eloquent language, homemade bread, flourishing vegetable patches, horses and carriages (or just horses), petticoats, pretty china, simpler times.

And I love this old-fashioned jug and bowl, brand new made to look old.

I was shopping with my Mum a couple of years ago in one of our favourite shops, Canterbury Lace. It's full of treasures! I commented on it to Mum, and she paused then asked if I would like it for my birthday. After a slight hesitation................ "Oh yes, yes, yes!!" I had always longed for one of these. So it's recently taken pride of place in my front room and I just adore it. It's not actually used for my daily wash as these may have been in times gone by....... Sometimes it makes a nice vase for flowers, otherwise it is happy just as it is.


Farrah said...

How pretty! I love the look of transferware, especially the red and white. I too love just about anything in the 1800s and old fashioned. Have you seen Wives and Daughters? I found it on Youtube and it is really neat!

Renata said...

You definitely would fit into my family so well - my sisters (well all but one) & I LOVE canterbury lace - & the late 1800's is my favourite era as well (BTW do you read Janette Oke books?)! That set is just gorgous - something to treasure! Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog - I really appreciate your caring & understanding.

Angie said...

I also love old fashioned things... what a beautiful set that is!

Kelly said...


Yay that you're playing again! You always have such fantastic shares. :o) What a lovely, lovely piece. I also totally agree on that era of life - I would LOVE to step back in time and run like a wild woman (when no one was looking, LOL) through fields in ankle boots and a long, flowy dress. Sigh, stinky 21st century. ;o) I'll come join you in history any time!

jazzy cat said...

I definitely like the wash bowl and jug! I've got into an 'antique' craze too and love collecting things from the art deco/ retro period. I agree with a love of time travel too and while the Victorian/Edwardian era wouldn't be my first choice - I would definitely like to revisit the times of "Much Ado about Nothing" with those grogeous flowing white dresses and romance abounding!!


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