Monday, August 25, 2008

Boomerangs and Lunchboxes

Okay, I know that's a weird title, but I've peaked your interest, haven't I?

First, the boomerang. Stuart had an accident yesterday afternoon when he headed outside to play with the children with a boomerang. They hadn't even got started with their play when Stu gave the boomerang an almighty flick out with his hand, really hard and fast. Into the sky? NO. Into his eye.
I kid you not! It sounds crazy and maybe even kind-of funny, but believe me ( or Stu anyway), at close range the edge of a plastic boomerang in your eye really hurts and actually causes a lot of damage. I knew when I ran to him (lying on the ground, crying out) and he looked up at me that he was in trouble. His eye had filled with internal blood straight away, and he just kept saying "I can't see out of my eye, I have no vision out of my eye!" It was because it was filled with blood, but I didn't want to tell him that.... it looked absolutely awful and we headed to the hospital right away. After spending 4 hours there, we were home again but only because Stu agreed to go straight to bed here rather than be admitted for the night. Today we saw an opthomologist (sp?) who has said Stu has an internal tear in his iris and is required to have a week off work and do basically nothing. There is some blood still pooled in there and we need to see if it will drain out on its own, so we see the eye doctor again tomorrow. The pressure build-up in his eye needs to have time to subside and basically any physical activity will increase the pressure and slow the healing or even cause further damage. So now I just need some heavy chains to chain him to the couch...........! He also has 3 different kinds of eyedrops going in several times a day. I feel like a nurse! 4 babies to take care of now. :) No really, I love having Stu home and the opportunity to look after him. It's just incredible how things just seem to keep hitting us at the moment. Got to look for God's meaning through it all and just try to keep positive.

Onto the lunchboxes..................
Heather's little girl Bee has just started school, and she posted about lunchbox ideas last week. This prompted some bloggy discussion, and after talking to my friend Karen I thought I would invite anyone who would like to participate to share this week what you pack in your kids lunchboxes. For me it would be a good chance to record what I'm giving Saraya to see where I can improve, and also to glean ideas from other people. If you don't have children (or they're younger than school age) please feel free to share ideas either on your blog or in the comments section here. It's one of those tricky areas for me. Saraya will eat anything I give her at home, but not at school. Anything slighty "mushy" as she calls it will come home again. So will sandwiches, and most fruits. And yet she is such a great eater at home! She is very distracted by her friends at school and doesn't eat a lot, so most of her eating still happens at breakfast and dinner. :)

So, I'm a little late starting this but here goes. Saraya's Monday lunchbox was.............

5 strawberries in a little container
1 pear
A pot of yoghurt (Vaalia)
1 strawberry fruit stick (Bella brand- they seem to have the least number of additives)
2 rice cakes (large crackers, sour cream and chive flavour)
1 piece homemade banana bread

Happy Monday everyone. Please pray for Stu's eye to heal quickly. Thankyou! :)


Heather said...

Oh poor Stu! I hope he's feeling better today. That's so scary.

My in-laws took a trip to Australia last year, and they brought back a boomerang for my husband. Even though he knew absolutely nothing about what he was doing, he immediately went outside and gave it a toss. It promptly flew back, narrowly missing his head, and smacked into our garage wall. It put a big dent in the siding, and came within a few inches of shattering one of the windows.

My husband looked very sheepish, and I took the boomerang away.

I like the idea of sharing lunchbox contents, so I'll play along!

Frizzy and Bird said...

I'm coming to your blog via Sunnyside Fun. First, let me say how sorry I am to hear of your hubby's injury. Second, I'll keep him in my prayers for quick healing that requires no surgery if possible. Third, I love what you packed in your dtrs. lunch. I have a 2 year old and enjoy checking out ideas for when it's our turn. Our Food Network Stars have given ideas of what they pack in their kids lunch boxes. You might see if their ideas are still there at Oh, I hated mushy food too. If you pack the meat, cheese and condiments seperate can she assemble it together just before eating? Just curious.

Renata said...

Poor Stu - boomerangs are dangerous things - hope he's feeling better soon.
Onto lunch ideas - I know it's tuesday afternoon so I'm late in reading this (sorry) - yesterday Zai had a peanut butter sandwich (he's school isn't peanut free), an apple, a lemon square, rice crackers & cheese cut up into squares to put on the crackers.

jazzy cat said...

So sorry to hear about Stu's injury! Sounds nasty indeed! Sure hope the clot goes quickly and he can return to work. It has been a trying few months for the family no doubt with all this illness....maybe that's a good sign for next year :-) which will be sickness and injury free! Here's hoping and praying!


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