Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tuesday's lunchbox

Saraya's lunch today was:

Chopped kiwifruit and pineapple in a container
Half a promite sandwich on wholemeal bread
A little container with a handful of tiny teddy biscuits
A handful of vege chips (made on cassava, with natural herbs and spices) in a ziplock bag
An apple juice popper

Thanks Heather for playing along!

Good news at the eye doctor this morning........ Stu just needs to see him again on Friday to check the clot that is still in there. We're praying it will drain away before then and he'll be back at work on Monday.


Heather said...

Saminda, I have to ask, what is promite?

I asked Renata the other day what timtams were. Obviously they're some kind of snack food, but I'm still not sure.

My kids love The Wiggles, and we have several of their CDs. Whenever they play the "Food, food, food" song, I always wonder what sultanas are.

Can you tell I've never left the U.S.?

Tamra said...

Good news for Stu! We'll keep praying for him.

Renata said...

I think we need to educate Heather on aussie food - I plan on doing a post about timtams (an excuse to buy some!!) I'll post about our lunch today! BTW I'll pray for Stu's eye as well.


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