Thursday, August 28, 2008

Victory at last

I am exhausted from an emotional couple of days, but needed to briefly post that this afternoon a family signed a contract on the house we've been trying to sell. We signed ours tonight and in 30 days time, God willing, settlement will happen and the family will move in next door. From what we saw, they have 2 young children, and apparently the little girl is a best friend from school of the little girl who lives behind us.............

God working? Yep. He is absolutely awesome, and He is leading our family on an amazing journey of faith, hope, and perseverance in prayer. What a valuable, heart-wrenching journey.
I am grateful. :)


Cathy said...


"Our God is an awesome God -
He reigns from Heaven above
With wisdom, power and love;
Our God is an awesome God!!"

Let's sing it any time we doubt!

You are SO loved.

Heather said...

That's great news! God is so good. Sometimes it amazes me that He even cares about little old me.

Renata said...

Praise God! - that's wonderful news! What a stressful time you must have had. Will pray that settlement comes without any hiccups.

Kelly said...


Oh Saminda, I remember you sharing with me about this before and I have been praying for you. It fills my heart with incredible joy that you guys got an offer! This is fantastic! I pray for more wonderful things to come your way, too!

Congratulations and way to go, God!


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