Sunday, August 17, 2008

More photography :)

I love Sundays. And Saturdays. Have I mentioned how much I love weekends?!! I look forward to them ALL week, and sometimes have the problem of wishing too much into them.... you know when your expectation leads to your disappointment? It's hard to know what to fit into a weekend....... house jobs, yard work, relaxing, catching up with friends, church, spending quality family time, etc, etc. Anyway, we're working on getting the balance right. I'm sure we'll work it out someday.

Once again I took loads of photos; sadly I need to return the camera tomorrow and there's been no news of when ours will be repaired. :( I've realised this week just how much I love capturing the sweet moments of life by taking pictures!

Before we went out walking yesterday afternoon to collect pinecones (great for getting the fire going at night!), I went outside to find Saraya and Elijah playing on the benchseat in the back garden. What followed? A spontaneous photo-shoot!! I really adore these pictures.

The children are both wearing their new t-shirts Mum and Ray brought back from their overseas trip. They were both purchased in France, and the children think they're pretty special! Here's Will's special outfit which Mum picked up in Paris. Ah, what a trend-setter!!

Tomorrow's post will feature a few more holiday gift pictures. Yes, we were really blessed with some lovely treasures from Mum's trip! Hope everyone has had a great weekend.


Heather said...

I love outdoor pictures, and especially the one of them together, when they're just beaming at the camera!

Will's little outfit is very cute, and it must be incredibly fashionable, coming from Paris and all. Lucky boy!

Renata said...

Lovely pics! When you have sorted out the balance of your weekend - please pass on the formula - I'm exhausted after ours!
BTW that outfit is adorable on Will!


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