Thursday, August 7, 2008


Ah, the sadness of saying goodbye. :(

My Mum went home today, and with her the end of a week of spending time together. The two little boys and I stood on the platform waving her off on the train, me trying to be positive and think of the next time we will see her, Elijah clinging to my leg and quietly crying little-boy tears........ and William oblivious really to what was going on. He was just drooling and looking around as always. :) We went straight to my friend Helen's house to have a cuppa and cheer up a bit. It worked, and even Elijah was smiling by the end of the day. He was really, really sad to see Mum go!! We had a lot of fun together, and she and I even got a few jobs done which have been bugging me for awhile now....... clearing out my wardrobe of maternity clothes and re-stocking it with regular ones (yes I know I should have done this weeks ago), cleaning out my linen cupboard (it looks GREAT!), and sorting through William's clothes. He has just gone up to a size 00 so needed the 000's put away. It was sad; there are so many cute 000's he no longer fits into! :( Then again, his new selection of 00's I've moved into his chest of drawers is exciting too.

Mum cooked for me while she was here, and grocery shopped for me too. I've been spoiled and have a freezer and pantry full to prove it! Mum - you are SO good to us, and we all love you very much and miss you already!

Tomorrow will be a busy day for all of us. With the opening of the Olympics tomorrow night, Stuart and his Preps are having all kinds of celebrations tomorrow. Part of the festivities includes the making of fried rice for lunch (courtesy of you-know-who), so I'll be spending much of the day with the children out at school. Always an exhausting prospect! Stuart's sister and her family all arrive tomorrow night for a Friday-night and all-day Saturday stay. We're really looking forward to catching up with them (and showing-off Stu's look-alike baby son... I think his sister will be having flashbacks to when Stuart was a baby!). So I need to get enough spare beds ready for 5 people - not sure exactly where we're going to put them, but I love a hospitality challenge!! I'm always thinking of ways to try and make my home more hospitable. I really want friends and family to feel comfortable here....... and constantly think about reasons why they wouldn't be (eg. house too small, too messy, not enough chairs, etc. etc.) I know it's silly to think like this, and that friends come to see us, not the house. Are you hard on yourself re: your ability to be a "host"?

I would love any tips or ideas on how to practice the kind of hospitality I know Jesus wants us to! It's an area I really want to improve in. In particular I want people to feel relaxed and comfortable, and to feel there's enough to do and different areas to go to if there are lots of people here. Our home is fairly small, so I'm conscious of wanting to use the space we have wisely.

Thanks in advance!! Have a great Friday everyone.


Heather said...

How nice that your Mum helped so much while she was there! She sounds like a wonderful, generous and kind person.

I'm very excited about the Olympics! Bee can't wait to watch the gymnasts, because she's going to take lessons this fall.

I too am not very good about hospitality, for the same reasons you mentioned. I always worry that my house is not clean enough, or that it's too cramped, and people won't enjoy themselves. Probably if I could just learn to relax, and quit hovering around them nervously, everyone would be fine!

Renata said...

I'm like you- I always look at the bad things when I have people stay - ugly tiles/ haven't got the house perfectly clean etc. I hope you get some great tips, because I sure could use them!
Your mum sounds wonderful! It's always so hard to say goodbye - especially after a really good visit!
We are also looking forward to the olympics. Dave's away at a men's camp this weekend, so I have a date - just me & the TV at 9pm to watch the opening ceremony tonight (well I might just watch half & watch the other half in the morning as I know the twins will be up at 6:30 & I don't want to be too tired! - sorry I'm babbling). Anyway looking forward to all the sports & paraphenalia associated with the olympics!

Theresa said...

The key to hospitality I think is keep it simple. Friends and family don't come to judge you or your house. They come to stay because of the way you have made your house a home.

All is needed is the basic necessities. I always make sure I have fresh sheets and heaps of pillows and blankets, a fresh towel on the bed and tell them to help themselves to the tea/coffee and the pantry.

There is always something about a home-cooked meal that somebody else has put their heart and soul into. I never try something new and always stick to our family favourites to cook.

I love having people coming and staying. So if you are up to a trip to Adelaide there is always a bed here!

Missing the Fern Family lots!

jazzy cat said...

Yes, I agree with Heather and Renata and with your sentiments re: hosting. I would love more people to stay over, as this is the first time I have actually had room for them to do so comfortably - but no one has :-(. However, even when people just come for dinner/drinks, I worry about the dust that accumulates the day after I do it, the house not looking 'just right' or quite homely enough. When it comes down to it, the more you relax and actually enjoy the company of the people who have come over, the more they feel wanted and welcome! So no great advice, but just realising that worrying won't help at all but relaxing will! Well, I'm better at preaching rather than practising there ;-) Glad you have done alot with your Mum and the children enjoyed the visit so much too!


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