Friday, August 29, 2008

Feminine Friday and today's lunchbox

I was about to post Saraya's lunchbox contents (it's been fun, by the way) when I remembered it is Friday. I mean, I did know it was Friday. Hooray for Friday!!! But I had forgotten once again about Feminine Friday, from lovely Kelly's Barefoot Mama blog. I actually photographed Saraya last Sunday with today in mind. Here she is.

We were about to head to church when Saraya decided she would like to wear her old-fashioned apron over the top of her old-fashioned dress. What a pretty little poppet she is. :) Would you have guessed that we are reading the Little House on the Prairie books and that they are her absolute favourites? When we have time (and I have the patience with little miss "ouch, that hurts!":() she loves to have her hair in two plaits, just like Laura.

I have to say, I love little girls looking like little girls. Saraya loves to wear dresses, so I am lucky I guess. :)

And for today's lunchbox (last one!):

An orange cut up in a container, A kiwifruit cut up in a container, A pear, A tiny box of sultanas, A piece of homemade applesauce cake, An apple juice popper, and 2 cruskits (rye crackers) with promite.

Thanks everyone for sharing! Have a beautiful weekend.


Tamra said...

I too love it when little girls are dressed like little girls. We had fun taking photos of our girls earlier this week too. I posted them earlier on our blog. good news about the house. Hope it all goes through.

Heather said...

Saraya looks so precious! Bee is very into Little House right now too...she always plays it at recess. I love it, because the Little House books were (and still are) my favorites.

BTW, I really liked Stu's post. I'm so glad that your lives will be calmer, and more peaceful now. Praise God!

Bee's lunch today:
Chicken noodle soup in a thermos
Homemade banana bread
Red grapes
Apple juice box

Renata said...

She looks gorgous! I remember when my parents read the little house on the prarie books to me & my two sisters - we just loved it!

I haven't posted about Thurs or Fri lunch because we were in Canberra on Thursday & Friday Zai gets canteen. Have a nice weekend. Hope you're going well.

Karen said...

Sorry I haven't had a chance to do all our lunchboxes this week, I have barely had enough time to prepare them!! It was great to get some exercise with you this weekend. Sunday bike rides are crazy, I don't actually enjoy it, but I like being all together.....

REAL ME said...

HOw sweet. She looks so girly!!

Laura said...

Oooh, I love this picture! Her dress looks like something I would have wanted, and would have pestered my Gramma for when I was Saraya's age! I love long dresses and feminine things, so this post just warms my heart! And the apron is adorable... I think I'm going to go make one now. (That's once I'm done with all the other projects I've started!)

Kelly said...

She. is. ADORABLE. Absolutely and positively, Saminda!

I love this dress AND I love that she loves wearing dresses!

Praying that you guys enjoy a blessed week together!


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