Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Random bits

We are having such a nice time with my Mum visiting. As I type, she is in the kitchen baking a cake for me. And I think she has done 3 loads of washing thus far this morning. :) Saraya's highlight of every day is having Nanna come along to school in the mornings! Elijah makes sure he gets a playtime with her each day too. :) I'm loving having her here, and wish we lived closer. We're going to go to my Tuesday night Bible-study together tonight which will be really special. It's at Cathy's, in front of the fireplace which is even better!

My sad news for the week is that I went to get my filling yesterday afternoon and found out that the decay is down into the nerve.... which means another extraction! :( Grrrrr....... That will hopefully be the last ever, but it will be my 7th (including wisdom teeth) tooth out since I had Saraya!! I feel like I'll be a gummy old lady at 28. :( Sad seeing as I do take good care of my teeth, and eat pretty well. Very depressing indeed. And painful! And expensive!!

BUT I just have to share that my 10 week old wonder has slept for 10 hours straight through, the last 3 nights in a row!! Yippee!!! Woohoo!!!!!! Last night was from 8pm until 6am........ absolutely shocked me when I woke up in the morning, listening to him talk to himself in his cradle, goo-ing and gah-ing happily. Of course he was VERY hungry, but I had more than enough milk to satisfy him!!

No photos this week as our camera got dropped and is away getting repaired (hopefully insurance will cover it.....) So my blog's looking very boring. Will have to rely on the photos in my archives for awhile!


Heather said...

I'm so sorry about your tooth! Dental care is horribly expensive, especially if you don't have dental insurance, like us. We can't afford it!

William slept for 10 hours straight? That's amazing!

You're so lucky to have your Mum around. Enjoy your time together!

Kelly said...

Praying for your dental visit, Saminda! I'm actually blogging while currently on hold with my own dentist, LOL! BFing and pregnancy have ruined my teeth, haha!

Renata said...

10 hours straight - you have reason to celebrate!!! It's great you're having such a nice time with your mum. So nice for the kids as well!
As for the tooth - you poor thing - I'm dreading any dentist visit as I've never had any fillings etc, but I have a very sensitive tooth at the back & am afraid of what they will find.


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