Monday, August 4, 2008

One-word challenge

After a busy day I feel like posting something fun. So here goes, a one-word-answer challenge I read on Renata's blog recently.................

1. Cell phone? Yes
2. Significant other? Stuart
3. Hair? Long
4. Mother? Ros
5. Father? Geoff
6. Favorite thing? Home
7. Dream last night? Forgotten
8. Favorite drink? Tea
9. Dream/goal? Mother
10. Room I'm in? Lounge
11. Church? Community
12. Fear? Tired
13. Where do you want to be in 6 years? Here
14. Where were you last night? Home
15. What I'm not? Outgoing
16. Muffins? Yum
17. Wish list item? Curtains
18. Where did you grow up? Brisbane
19. Last thing I did? Eat
20. What are you wearing? Tracksuit
21. TV? On
22.Pets? None
23. Computer? Blog!
24. Life? Busy
25. Mood? Tired
26. Missing someone? Yes
27. Car? Blue
28. Not wearing? Pyjamas :(
29. Favorite store? Book
30. Summer? Please
31. Love someone? Lots
32. Favorite color? Blue
33. Last time you laughed? Today
34. Last time you cried? Today
35. Who will repost? Jen


REAL ME said...


Renata said...

Thanks for joining in! So now I'm curious what part of Brissy did you grow up in (because that's where I was as well) - but anyway I know it's too much to share in bloggy land!!! Have fun!

jazzy cat said...

Hahahah - how well you know me! And how well you know my knack for copying a good thing when I see it ;-)


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