Friday, September 5, 2008

Enjoy the washing.............

If you have washing to do today, consider yourself lucky if you're able to do it.
As I have discovered this week, it is one thing to have to do the washing...... and another thing altogether to not be able to do it. That's right folks, my washing machine decided to freeze mid-cycle earlier this week. Um, excuse me? The washing machine. Extremely important appliance, very very necessary to the smooth running of the household. The washing machine!! No, no, no!!!

So I called about 4 "fix-it" places the following morning, and the earliest anyone can come look at it is next Wednesday. That's a whole week without a washing machine. The lady on the phone casually commented "Well, you might need to do a bit of hand washing in the meantime...." Hmmm, this lady obviously has no idea how much washing I have! At least 1-2 loads a day. And after the experience of hauling all the half-washed clothes sitting in my machine up to my bathroom, rinsing them in the bathtub, wringing by hand and hanging them sopping wet on the line, I won't be in a hurry to do much more by hand.

Thankfully I have some wonderful friends with working machines who are helping me out. Where would we be without friends?

So if you are washing today, praise God for the ability to do so. I'll never take my machine for granted again! Hope it's fixable. This is not the time to be purchasing a new one......


Heather said...

Oh NO! This is simply not acceptable. My dishwasher quit last week, and I was mortified that I might have to wash dishes BY HAND. I am so spoiled.

I hate when an appliance quits working, because I have the worst luck with appliance repair people. They always talk to me like I'm a complete idiot.

Renata said...

Oh - that's not good. Our washing machine died last year & since it was really expensive to fix, we bought a new one (& thanks to the water rebate on appliances in at that time). I don't know how I would possibly go without it for a whole week. Glad to hear you have some nice friends who are letting you use theirs. Hope it's something easy (& cheap) to fix & it's working soon (well Wed arvo anyway!)


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