Friday, September 19, 2008

Feminine Friday - Tiny Tea Parties

Saraya and I love tea parties. Especially tiny tea parties. Little teapots, teacups, and tiny things to eat- anything tiny you can summon up with your imagination.

Saraya's "Aunty" Cathy, and her daughter Chloe love them too.
I am learning from Cathy. She is the master of tiny teas!!

This one was for a school friend earlier in the year. It was beautiful!

A certain little girl of mine is having a birthday next month. She will reach the grand age of six. Hmmmm............. an excuse for a tea party? We are thinking so.


Heather said...

Oh my goodness, these are some of the sweetest photos ever!

Bee wants a Barbie tea party for her birthday next month too!

Renata said...

Definitely an excuse - she'll love it! Gorgous pictures!

Kelly said...

How cute and fun, Saminda! I love all of the "little people" in the tea party pictures. :o) A birthday tea party would be lovely - what a big girl you have! She'll love it!


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