Monday, September 22, 2008

Goals for Week 1 of the holidays...

Today we're all feeling heaps better, and launched ourselves into the day by getting busy!!
I was out mowing the lawn at 8:30am so that was a good start. :) I did get a call from the doctor's clinic today though, saying they had more of my tests back (didn't know they were waiting on any) and the doctor needs to discuss them with me. So I need to go in Wednesday. Hoping everything is ok.
I've been thinking about what else I want to achieve this week and thought I'd do one of my most favourite (and Stu's least favourite) things......... Writing a list. :)

Goals for this week.......

* Learn how to use the new camera and take lots and lots of photos for my blog! Yay!!!!
* Continue with our "sort and purge" on all rooms, especially the children's room and what will become Saraya's new room
* Clean the whole house from top to bottom
* Weed out 1 vegie patch
* Plant seeds in that patch when done
* Bake a batch of something
* Run errands in town tomorrow
* Grocery shopping later in the week
* Go to Lincraft to look at curtain fabric for Saraya's room
* Change the children's bedsheets
* Stu to put up the cot for William as he has outgrown the cradle (so sad! :() Pack the cradle away.
* Have friends Chloe and Declan for the day on the weekend to give their Mummy and Daddy a "grown-ups day" (our turn next month!)....... and do lots of fun things with them.....
* Post some important mail including letters to our sponsor children... I'm really overdue to do this
* Hopefully finish the room change-around to get Saraya into her new room by next week. And maybe put Will in with Elijah. I'm not sure whether to do this or leave the cot in our room....... anyone have opinions on this one? He's 4 months now and the boys will eventually share, but I'm not sure whether he's too young as yet....... My other babies were in with us much longer.

There might be other things to plan for this week. I'm sure there are, but I feel tired just thinking about the above ones. :)

Menu plan for the rest of this week:
Tuesday: Italian sausages and vegies
Wednesday: Salmon patties and salad
Thursday: Vegetable risotto and breadrolls
Friday: Tuna curry on rice
Saturday: Roast chicken with roast potatoes and broccoli......
plus a past dish of some sort. and dessert. Friends for tea! :)

Happy holidays fellow Queenslanders!!

(and thankyou for this idea Tamra :))


Copland said...

Man, that is one impressive list!

Now, you know you'll have to blog about which get done and which just sit on the list on the fridge for the next 3 weeks until eventually you throw the list away, some items never to be crossed off...

Good luck, I believe in you , Ferns!

Heather said...

Good heavens, you're going to be busy! Glad you're all feeling better.

I love making lists too :) Sometimes I put stuff on the list that I've already done, just so I can cross it off.

Your menu plan sounds so good! Mmmm....can you share your veggie risotto recipe? That sounds like something we would like.

Tamra said...

Here's hoping you have a very productive week. I would suggest moving Will into the room with Elijah but i'm not the best with sleep advice as Beka is still in her own room at 3 since she is the best sleeper and I don't want to mess with that.

Can't wait to see photos of the hair. =) Did you see Kelly's new haircut? so cute.

Renata said...

Wow - you are a supermum if you can get through that list!
I love making lists also. Your menu plan looks yummy. Hope you enjoy your holidays. Zai's more than ready for a break - he was home with a "sore tummy" yesterday - I think he just wanted a rest day.
We kept our babies in our room til they were about 6 months old. (well truthfully Zai & Ellie slept in our bed). If you have enough room, it saves going far if you have to get up at night, but than it's also nice to have your room just for you as well. I'm sure you'll make the right decision.

Theresa said...

I'll be over for dinner on Saturday, Roast Chicken and Potatoes is my favourite meal.
Can't wait to dine with you!


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