Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sundays when sick.............

are relaxing.

A slow, easy start......................

Eggs for breakfast, stories on the rug, colouring in, listening to the psalms on CD.

A long morning nap for William.

Another cup of tea for me.

Sandpit play for the children.

And, for the first time since Will's birth..... I sat and played my piano. My fingers remembered what to do and soon it was as though no time had past since I last played. I was so happy I nearly cried! Will seemed perplexed as his little eyes watched me. Elijah was quick to appear at my side and ask what I was playing.

A walk in the park this afternoon.

Homemade pizza for tea.

Things are looking up. :)


Heather said...

Sounds wonderful to me! I'm sorry that you're sick, but how nice that you got to play your piano! I'm sad that I never learned to play an instrument. Everyone always said that I should play piano, because I have very long fingers! Sadly, I was never disciplined enough to practice.

Hope you're feeling well again soon!

Renata said...

Sounds lovely - although it's no good you're sick. Hope you feel better soon. I love playing my piano, but think I've only sat down to it about 3 times since the twins were born - it's amazing how it comes back though (not that I was ever that good at it)! Homemade pizza sounds yummy - we had it for dinner on Sat night!


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