Monday, September 8, 2008

Lunchtime conversation

I was sitting out under the trees today, waiting for my big number 3 boy to come outside for lunch. He appeared, and after glancing at his plate of sandwiches, checking inside for the contents (promite), and eyeing off his bowl of baked beans straight from the can, he exclaimed, " Well, Mamma!! A high 5 to you!!" .... followed by a 5 five in the air. :) His way of sharing his approval, and appreciation! It brings me so much joy to feed my family - especially when they show gratitude like this!

After finishing off his lunch, he told me he was still hungry and could he please have something else. I suggested some crackers with honey or jam. "Oh no, Mamma." he said. "I'm not fond of those. I'm thinking of something sweet. Maybe lollies?" with this he turned his head on the side and gave me a cheeky, hopeful smile.
It didn't work, and we decided on another half a promite sandwich. :)

It's been a good day so far. Looking forward to the rest of the family returning home. I'm cooking a roast chicken (thankyou Mum), with mashed potatoes and broccoli from the garden. If I have time I'll make an apple cobbler to please Saraya, my dessert princess.


Renata said...

Your dinner sounds delicious (high 5 for that)! I love Eli's comments - my kids all love baked beans too!

Heather said...

Oh my goodness, that little Elijah is just so sweet, he practically gives me a toothache. What a vocabulary!

It is wonderful to cook for your family and have them appreciate it. My kids rarely appreciate anything I make for them, because they're so darn picky!

We received your letter on Saturday, and the kids (and me too) were very excited about the postcard and stickers from your town! We also received a sheet of animal stickers, 2 letters, and a photo. All wonderful! Tell Saraya and Elijah thank you for the effort they put into them. We will save them for the girls' scrapbooks.

My MIL was here today, and I was telling her that I would love to visit you and Renata both, when the girls are a bit older. Wouldn't it be nice to meet in person someday?


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