Saturday, September 20, 2008

My moment of insanity.......

So apparently migraines make you do crazy things. At least, that's my excuse for my moment of insanity today.

No pictures as our camera is still out of action (I think we're getting a new one soon though, thanks to insurance!); I can see how I'd do this post if I could put pictures in it.

Anyway, I digress.......

Today I had washed my hair, and after working through the morning doing various jobs I decided to straighten it. Will was napping so I knew I had a little while. But I just started thinking to myself...... if only I could have a hair cut. it's been so long. at least 11 months. (really, it has). if my hair was shorter, Will wouldn't grab at it all the time. it would take less time to straighten too. and I'd really like a change. As you can tell, by this time I had decided I wanted a hair cut. But this is where the migraine made me make a very insane decision..
I wanted my hair cut RIGHT THEN!!!! Could I wait until next week when I could actually make an appointment to see a hairdresser?? NO, of course not. William would only sleep another 15 minutes or so, and I wanted to straighten it. And I wanted it cut. Now.

So, I did the unthinkable. I stood in front of my bathroom mirror, and little by little, I cut my hair. Yes Mum, I know you're now having heart palpatations, you cannot believe you would produce a daughter who would do such a ridiculously spontaneous thing.
But I did it.
The bathroom floor was covered in hair, and my little boy was just gaping at me. What on earth?........... After visiting our wonderful friend Nev this afternoon to um..... "tweak it" a bit (ie. straighten out the crocked bits- it's really hard to cut your own hair! probably why no-one does it; thankyou Nev for your help :))....... it's looking good. I mean, I really really like it!! I haven't ever worn my hair this short. It's just under my shoulders, has a few little layers in it and will be so much cooler for Summer. Today was hot, so I already had a chance to feel the difference!

It seems to be going down ok with the family....... and aside from Elijah's comment "oh, you're a boy now Mamma!" (it's really not that short), I'm happy with it.

Even if it was a little spontaneous.
Hope this mirgraine goes away soon. Who knows what other crazy things I might do.....

(Photo to come, I promise).


Renata said...

Can't wait for the pic!
I've had those thoughts before - but never actually done it - it is tempting as it's been a year (at least) since I've had mine cut. My hair is really thick, however, & it takes hairdressers ages to cut it - & I need lots of layers - so I just need to make the appointment. Glad you like your new look. What did Stu think?

Renata said...

I forgot to say I really like the new header & picture on your blog - looks good!

Tamra said...

can't wait to see the new hairstyle!! Hope you're feeling better. You might find the shorter/less weighty hair helps with the headaches too.

I took Catie in and got her hair cut up to her shoulders too!! Josh isn't so sure about it but so much nicer for summer.

Laura said...

Oh, that sounds scary! The last time I attempted to cut my hair, I was about six. And I love my hair long, so I doubt I'd ever just rush off to cut it. I'm sure you look fine though. I just can't deal with shorter hair, it goes all fuzzy and I can't control it and I look really horrible.
So I've resolved not to cut my hair until my twentieth birthday. Adventurous, aren't I? Or insane. But I prefer the first word because it's more socially acceptable.
Anyways, I loved reading this post, because your way of thinking (and blaming random acts on migraines) is exactly like something I'd do. Or have done. But I'm sure you understand what I mean...


jazzy cat said...

Haha hilarious Min! Good on you for the spontanaeity/insanity ;-) It's the spice of life! I too can't wait to see the pic of this gorgeous new do!

Heather said...

Oh Saminda, I have so been there! I attempted to cut my own bangs once, but the results were not, positive as yours.

Did you know that it's really hard to walk around all the time with your eyebrows raised, to make your bangs look longer?

Kelly said...

SAMINDA! You're my fellow hairdo renovator of the weekend! :o) You'd be beee-utiful with any 'do! I can't wait to see pics! I'm so proud of you for cutting it yourself...even if it was migraine inspired, LOL. I've chopped my bangs to disasterous results multiple times and am proud of anyone who cuts her own hair and, pics, pics!


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