Saturday, September 6, 2008

Random ramblings of a busy Saturday....

It's been a long, long day. A pretty happy day nonetheless. Saraya has just headed to bed. We had our "date night" for this month, and once again she chose to watch an episode of "Little House on the Prairie" together. It was fun. :) Both little boys are asleep, and Stuart is out at a men's night at our church to celebrate Father's Day. Not quite sure what they are doing, but it did involve pizza. ;)

So, I have a rare very quiet house, basically all to myself. A few bits to share:

* I was about to leave the house this morning for my Saturday morning walk around the lagoon in town (a short drive to the lagoon, followed by a half hour brisk walk, perfect really; I do it at 6:30 on Sat morning's with 3 friends and it's so lovely)...... when I discovered a problem. Our car wasn't here. Stu had swapped it late yesterday for a friend's, borrowing their car and trailer as ours doesn't have a towbar. I couldn't take theirs, so needed to think up an alternative quickly!! It was 6:25am.
Stu came up with a great plan.............. I could drive his scooter! After much deliberating, and a rushed "how-to" lesson, I decided to be brave and give it a go. Let me emphasise that this is Stuart's scooter - his beautiful, big, manly, bright yellow scooter. I have never ever gotten close to driving it before. But if you were in town early this morning, you would have seen me carefully cruising along on this beauty:

(photo from last december, when Stu first bought it as a fuel efficient, to and from work vehicle. He hasn't looked back!)

It was exciting, slightly scary but sheer freedom at it's best......... I think I'm hooked!!

* Saraya lost both her top front teeth in the last 24 hours - see post below. It's hurting me not being able to take any photos at the moment.......... still waiting on the insurance claim on our camera. Grr...

* After the advice of many people, and further investigating, we decided to opt for a new washing machine rather than have our broken one looked at next week. Apparently, newish electrical machines have a realistic life of about 5 years. Ours is 9 years old, and according to someone I spoke to is "old". Old?!! Apparently once they start to do what ours did, it's a downhill slide and you can quickly pay out hundreds of dollars in service fees and repair. Thankfuly, the store did a great deal for us and because it's a 4-star water saving machine the government also gives us $200 back on it. And it fitted into our car so we didn't need to pay for delivery. So we were pretty happy about it. And I caught up on the washing!! (well, nearly). It's fancy and lovely. It's a Samsung, and I am calling it Sam. :)

* Our family tried tofu last night for the first time. I put it into a stir-fry with loads of vegies, served with rice. I just made my usual chilli-soy and peanut sauce (a good store-bought chilli-soy sauce, and a big dollop of peanut butter- easy and yum!). Stu and I loved it, Saraya thought the tofu tasted a bit like scrambled egg and labeled it "delicious" (she's always been a gourmet), and although Eli wasn't quite sure at first he then proceded to eat his whole little bowlful. So I guess tofu will make an appearance again soon!

* My friends (well, it all started with Cathy) have renamed Father's Day "King Daddy Day". We are all looking forward to the festivities tomorrow! I really want to bless Stuart - he is such a wonderful husband and father. He is patient, kind, loving, very giving, great fun, and such a blessing to everyone who knows him, especially to our family. The kids have been busy today with little projects, and I have a breakfast planned for him for tomorrow. And maybe a dinner too. :) Mmm, shall I anticipate "Queen Mummy Day" for next year??

Happy King Daddy Day everyone!!!


Theresa said...

I want a Scooter too! It looks like you would have had so much fun on the scooter Saminda... maybe this will be the first of many rides!

Heather said...

Huh. Our Father's Day is always in June. I guess I assumed it was that way everywhere!

Happy King Daddy Day Stu!

I wish my kids would eat tofu. Or at least veggies. Or anything good for them, for that matter!

jazzy cat said...

I too am jealous! I'd love to try a ride on a scooter, and Stu's looks great! Andrew's friend has a scooter but it's not as 'beefed up' as that one. Ah the wind in your hair, a scarf a la Jackie O and the open road...what dreams are made of ;-)

A happy heart at home said...

Riding the scooter must have been so much fun! Good for you!


Renata said...

That scooter looks like fun!
I've never tasted tofu - never been game enough to try it, but maybe I should!
And Happy Father's day to Stu! Hope you are enjoying your day together!


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