Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A new room!

We have been busy doing a room change-around this week. What was Saraya and Elijah's room will now be Eljiah and Will's room. And what was our spare, crafty room will now be Saraya's little girly bedroom.

Here are some pics of our renovations thus far.........

What was the craft room...... being disassembled and cleaned from top to bottom

Last night........... Saraya getting settled in her new room

We still need to organise curtains, hence the draped sheets on the windows :). I'm no seamstress (unfortunately), but they really do need to be handmade for these windows. They're an unusual design, and there's lots of them which means lots of light, draughts and heat to block out. Still a project I'm thinking through.

We moved Saraya's furniture in yesterday (all but her wardrobe, still coming from a friend) and she had a good night's sleep. I wasn't sure how she and Elijah would go sleeping on their own for the first time, but both slept through!

Her room is looking pretty and I'm hoping it will be a peaceful place for her to play and relax. Tonight we have Daisy here for a sleepover so the girls are trying the room out; we had a swim this afternoon at the town pool, baths, dinner, colouring-in, a story, and now both girls are sleeping, exhausted I imagine!
I'll take pics of the boys' room once it's finished........... lots more little bits and pieces to do yet. Such a long process, but the results will be worth it!

Oh, and Andrew......... I'll get onto your request for a gardening post soon!! You'll see pictures of a very very neglected garden - but I thank you for giving me extra motivation to do something about it!


Copland said...


Oh, and that's a lot of pink! I think its probably a good thing for Elijah and William to get a bit of a 'boys' thing going.

Heather said...

It looks so darling! Very girly and cute.

It will be nice for the boys to share a room. My husband and his brother always did growing up, and he has very fond memories of it.

Renata said...

Your house is lovely - just love the floors!
Saraya must be so excited to have her own room - it looks excellent!


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