Friday, September 26, 2008

Friday catch-up

Feminine Friday isn't happening this week. Kelly has some friends who sadly lost their little girl just a few days ago. I visited their blog and read of their devastating loss - their little girl Anna, only just turned one year old, developed a high fever last Sunday. They took her to the hospital but within hours she had developed swelling in the brain, a blood clot, and soon after, passed away. Apparently she had an infection somewhere, but the family had no warning this was going to happen.

Since reading about this, I've been thinking a lot about my own little family and how I would cope with the sudden loss of a child. The truth is, I don't think I would. There would be so many questions to ask God about WHY this had to happen to one so young. The family are Chrisitans, they know Jesus and are taking comfort in the knowledge that Anna is with Him......... but they are in so much pain from the grief of not having her with them anymore. I can't even imagine.

So I'm really really loving my kids this week. It hasn't been a perfect week in some respects, but we're here, we're all together. For that I'm truly so thankful. These things are a reminder to enjoy and appreciate every single day that we have...... we never know what's around the corner.

Since making my "goals list" last weekend I've been working through that........ I've managed to get through nearly everything bar the completion of Saraya's room. There has been SO much miscillaneous stuff to sort through, being our "spare room" up till this point. I still hope to finish it by next week.

Last night we decided to celebrate the upcoming settlement of the house by going out for dinner. We rarely do this, so the children were ecstatic. I was pretty excited myself! :)

William had a big nap before we went.

The restaurant gave the children a toy car each!

And ice-cream with sprinkles which was heartily enjoyed by both children :)

It was fun to be out together as a family, and celebrate the holidays and the closing of this chapter in our lives.

And today? More room sorting, baking, grocery shopping and er.............

........... filling the paddling pool with water and detergent before coming in for a warm bath!! Funny what blowing bubbles out in the backyard leads to......... :)

Happy weekend everyone.


Renata said...

That looks like fun - still too cold here to pull out the paddling pool, but won't be long. Our holidays start today - which I Love. Will pray for that family - it sure would be difficult.
Dinner out sounds yummy!

jenb said...

Child friendly restaurants are hard to come by, where did you go? It looks like lots of fun for all.


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