Saturday, September 27, 2008

Saturday Swap Part One

A long time ago, my friend Cathy and I talked about the idea of doing a child-swap once a month... to create a free Saturday for us as couples to spend special time together. Today was our guinea-pig run, and Chloe and Declan spent the day with us. We had a blast!! All the children were absolutely exhausted and should hopefully sleep really well tonight. :)

This is what we got up to...........................

Making home-made strawberry jam, Jamie Oliver style

Declan entertaining us with his music on the back patio

Rest time = watching Deigo and Dora and reclining on cushions

William enjoying the entertainment of having extra kids around!!

Enjoying a swim in the paddle pool................. great that it was such a warm day today. :)

A walk and a play at the park nearby our place. One of the horses who lives in the Pony Club grounds next to the park came over for a chat and to eat the grass offered by 4 willing feeders!

Making octopus craft before tea (thanks Tamra for the idea!) I'll post a photo of the finished art tomorrow....

After a child-free day, Cathy and Gary joined us for dinner at our place. I don't have photos of the main, just the dessert (can you tell we are all sweet-tooth's around here?!). Orange jelly with strawberries, and donuts which we embellished with our homemade jam from this morning. Instant jam donuts!! It was great to share dinner with friends.

We finished off the evening with a spontaneous dance session in the living room to the kids worship song "Fruits of the Spirit" which Saraya and Chloe know from school. The boys joined in too! Tomorrow at church is a special children's service which will be fun for all. Apparently there'll be more singing and dancing then too. What a weekend! Thanks so much Chloe and Declan for coming to spend the day with us. We loved having you! ;)

Why not give this child-swap idea a go with some friends of yours? It was easy for us to have these 2 little ones over for the day; and it forced Stu and I to stop work and just have some genuine fun! I know their Mum and Dad had a pretty relaxing day too. :) I'm looking forward to our turn next month, and I know Saraya and Elijah are already looking forward to it too!!!

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Tereza said...

Thats a wonderful idea. I wish I knew someone who'd be willing to do this!


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