Friday, September 19, 2008

A glimpse of the rainbow.....

Things to be thankful for:

* As of 5pm yesterday, the contract on the house went unconditional!!!!!!!!!
This is an answer to prayer (much prayer!) and we are all so so so thankful.

* My blood tests came back normal. I am low in iron (yes, this may be triggering the migraine, we shall see) so I am now on an iron supplement. I also need to take an aspirin a day for the next 6 months, to help keep my blood thin and my vessels open. Plus a low dose of a migraine-prevention medication. I really don't like taking things, so this is a hard one for me. But hopefully soon the spots in my vision will go away, as the migraine clears. I still feel a big weak and woosey in general. (We have always taken care with our diet, exercise etc. so this is frustrating!!! I feel really old at the moment. A bout of mastitis last night isn't helping...)

* Today is the last day of term!! Hip, hooray!! 2 weeks holiday together. We have lots to accomplish, so all need to get better quickly.

* Saraya has stayed perfectly well despite all our coughs and sniffles and fevers. She has an iron constitution, and an immune system of gold, that girl! Praise God.

* After settling off to sleep the other night, Elijah slept for 13 hours straight, sweated out his fever, and woke up WELL!!! Praise God for this too. Today he seems to be struggling a bit with the fever again; he has just had panadol and a nap and seems brighter now. We'll be praying that he'll recover quickly again.

There's always a rainbow after every storm, right?! I need to remember this. :)
Stu is still home sick, though recovering slowly but surely. He has rested a lot this week which has been good for him. We all are in desperate need for sleep............. Hope some is coming around the corner!!

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Renata said...

Hope the migrane goes as your iron levels get better. Glad to hear Elijah's on the mend. We have one more week til holidays - but my baby sister is now on holidays & is coming down with mum & dad next tuesday!!!


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