Sunday, March 1, 2009

Dress Rehearsal Weekend

Well, aside from 2 hours at church this morning, and a few here and there at home, we have spent the entire weekend at the theatre for dress rehearsals.  10 days until opening night, wow!  Costumes are still being touched up (and makeup too; in many of these pictures it's incomplete), but here is a *glimpse* of what we were seeing backstage today!

So after all this time at the theatre, do you think we're getting tired of it?  Well, these faces really say it all............
......... and yes, this is Stuart's residual eyeliner!  Have a great week everyone!!


jazzy cat said...

WOWee!!! What spectacular costume and makeup artists you have/are!

Renata said...

Looks like it's going to be a wonderful show!! Saraya & Stuart both look very excited to be there! The costumes look great!

Linden said...

Oh, we just finished our show yesterday, I'm feeling very sad about that!
But these pictures remind me - there are theatres everywhere... I don't have to miss them too much. It looks like everyone there is having a great time. Sooner or later, I'll post more of my Oliver pictures, I suppose, although your production looks amazing! I'd love to see more about it!
Yay for shows!

Theresa said...

Nathaniel loved the photos of the lion. He kept saying "Ra"and signing lion as I scrolled down the page. The costumes look grand and no I don't think the Fern's will ever tire of the theatre.


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