Tuesday, March 3, 2009


* I had a blue morning.  I'm tired and feel lonely a lot of the time at the moment.  After struggling along, I talked to Mum at length on the phone mid-morning, had a good cry, let it all out, and felt better after releasing those endorphins!  Thanks Mum :)

*  Read and rested for a little while while William had his morning nap.

*  Took the boys to Big W to stock up on make-up supplies for the "stars". :)

*  Then took them to Woolworths and we did the grocery shopping.  Bought a cherry ripe and a magazine, just for me.  Felt better!

*  Came home, had lunch, washed dishes, cooked dinner and unpacked the groceries.

*  Cuddled Saraya lots and fed her afternoon tea when she arrived home.

*  My friend Mychel arrived at 3:45pm to mind my littlies, plus two of hers, while I met Cathy at the hospital for her first ultrasound!  What a privelege to be beside her as she witnessed glimpses of her precious baby!!  It was beautiful to be there. :)  A perfectly formed little blessing growing inside her! Hooray!

*  Came home at 4:30, gave Stu and Saraya their dinner, farewelled them as they headed off to rehearsal at 5pm- a full run with the orchestra!

*  Bathed the boys, ate dinner, washed dishes, put the chicks to bed, settled Elijah to sleep, read some Farmer Boy and settled Saraya who got dropped home after the munchkin scene, had a nice bath with William, fed him, settled him.........

................... and here I am!  It's been a LONG day, lots of emotional upheaval but I'm feeling happily exhausted now!  It's good to be on the computer.  Good company. :)  Nice to "catch up" on the world at the end of the day.  I'm also listening to one of my favourite cd's.  WIll have a cup of tea and some chocolate, check a few blogs, read a bit, plan a bit for tomorrow, put on a load of washing..... and head to bed.  :)
Oh, and tomorrow......... I'm being interviewed!  Stay tuned for more info......


Tereza said...

looking forward to the interview!! Doing something for yourself really does help soesn't it?

Karen said...

Oh, I so love the tea and chocolate... (btw I'm here via Tereza's blog.) And how exciting to see the baby!

Renata said...

Sorry to hear your day started off down - Mum's are great though for listening.
What an honour to go to the u/s with your friend.
Hope you had a relaxing evening!


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