Friday, March 13, 2009

A few notes...

Well, this week is plodding along.  It's raining constantly, very very wet, cool and windy with Cyclone Hamish hovering off the coastline.  Seems to be heading north again now though, and I think the forecast is for more hot sunny days next week.

Opening night was a roaring (pardon the pun) success.  No major difficulties other than the main stage curtain getting caught on a light and tearing up the top.  About $3000 worth of damagae apparently, but nothing noticable to the audience.  Woops!  Stu received loads of compliments and is feeling suitably pleased with himself :).  Saraya has had a couple of days home after getting in at just before midnight with Stu on Wednesday night!  A very big week for her.  We've had lots of family visiting too, with cousins to play with so all very social on the home front.  Lots of fun for the children, they have enjoyed our visitors.

I'm hanging in there, feeling quite blue still this week, but okay.  It's not just Stu's physical absence that's hurting lately, it's that his headspace isn't really "here" with us.  Not sure when it will come back either.  This whole theatre experience has been amazingly wonderful for him, and on top of work, there's not much room left in there for me and the kids.  This may sound harsh, but I think he'd agree that it's true.  So yeah, I'm lonely and a bit sad in general :(.  I know men and women are wired differently and I'm trying to remember that. :)  There are so many things going on with the children at the moment, and with me, so many thoughts, emotions, difficulties, joys, growth, etc. and I so desperately want to share them with Stuart.   I'm hanging in there with the hope of that happening one day soon.

A few highlights of my week have come from beautiful friends!!  Yesterday I received a belated Christmas parcel from my high-school friend in Brisbane, Jen.  What brilliant timing, and such special gifts and a wonderful letter!

An organic gardening resource guide, some organic broccoli, bean and capsicum seeds for the garden (yay!), a long letter which I loved, and this hat.

It's warm and Autumnal and perfect.  Since playing Eponine in Les Mis years ago, and wearing a hat this style, I have always wanted one of my own. Thanks SO much Jen!!

My beautiful friend Cathy delivered a basket of baking the other day which we (and our visitors) have all enjoyed very much!  She even made little homemade tags.  Thankyou Cathy!

Aside from a few niggly moments with Saraya today, it's been a delight having her home this week. :)  With the cool rainy weather the children enjoyed warm milos this morning.  And a big long drawing session.

Inspired by watching the film yesterday. :)  


jazzy cat said...

Glad to hear that opening night was so successful. Shame about the curtain misshap. Soo good to get your phone message! How fantastic to hear your voice!!! I couldn't resist the hat - it reminded me of you and your general 'cream' outfit that I remember you coveting - ie. long white dress aka: Much Ado about Nothing...although not quite in keeping but you know what I mean :-) Anway, so happy you like it! Hope you and Stu and the family get some quality time soon - when you can drag Stu's head out of the clouds ;-)

Heather said...

God bless good friends!

I've been feeling lonely and blue lately too, partly because my husband has been so busy, and I haven't seen him much. When he is here, he's not really here, and the minute we sit down together to watch TV or a movie, he falls asleep!

Kelly said...

I think that it's totally understandable how you're feeling down right now. I'd be feeling the same way. Praying that you have a restful and joyful deserve it, mama!

P.S. Those gifts are gorgeous!

Karen said...

I love the new picture of your kids at the top of your blog!

Robin said...

thanks for posting your Jane Austen Heroine quiz outcome! it inspired me to take it and I ended up as a mix of Lizzie Bennet and Emma Woodhouse. Come check out my blogs (especially the hair one: Ups and Downs)

Theresa said...

Isn't it just amazing how friends seem to know to post something in the mail or drop by when you are feeling down and blue. It's not like you expect it from them but it just seems to happen at the most perfect time in your day or week. I love that about people being so connected to each other that they just know it's time for a pick me up.
Hope all it well at the Fern home. I will call you, promise!

Rebecca J said...

So glad all went well with the performance. I love your photos my dear. So heartwarming.


Amy said...

I know these past few weeks have been tiring and hard on you in different ways but I just want you to know your beautiful smile and calming nature was always a delight to see around the theatre!
I hope to see it more now! :)

Tereza said...

I can so relate to your you know:)

Sues said...

I can't believe I popped in to read your blog and found you'd written exactly how I've been feeling lately. I'm sending you a big hug...(that way I get one too!)


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