Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Happy 10 months William!

Our beautiful bonny boy is 10 months old today!

William David, we love you SO much!!!  Thankyou for being the beautiful boy that you are! 

Thankyou Lord for blessing me so abundantly with the children I have always prayed for!  They just fill me with so much joy and purpose.  Thankyou for my number three baby, my 'determined guardian' (William), my 'beloved' (David).  


Theresa said...

I absolutely love the photos of William on the kid's bench seat. He looks like a little-old-man sitting outside in the morning sun just after having eaten breakfast and is going to pull out today's paper for a read. William is so cute in that outfit... simply adorable!

Tereza said...

He is so adorable....so you actually wear warm hats in Australia????

Cathy said...

These would definitely rate as some of my favourite photos since not-so-little Will arrived last year - bonny? Yes,absolutely! Loved by many? Ooh yes;)

Kelly said...

I adore him, Saminda! I *heart* the one of William standing nex to the little bench with that big, brilliant smile! He's a joy!

Kelli said...

Oh, he is so cute! I remember when Benjamin was that age. :0)
P.s. I do ship my Etsy items to Australia. You can see the shipping info at the end of each listing.

Linden said...

Oh he's so cute I just want to come down and see him!!!!!!!!! How very blessed you are!


Renata said...

He is so cute!! Hasn't that 10 months gone quickly! Love the pics!


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