Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My Interview :)

A few months back, Heather expressed that she really liked interviewing people.  I smiled to myself, because I always think about how fun it would be to "get interviewed". :)  Then, she offered to interview anyone who left a comment, with 5 questions relevant to each person!  I was excited!!  Did you think from yesterday's comment that my interview was going to be official?  Well, aside from being interviewed over the phone by the local paper last week, on Stuart's behalf for Wizard of Oz (he's never home long enough for them to catch him!) I've never been officially interviewed.  BUT, this will be fun. 
Here are Heather's questions, and my answers..........

#1 You and Stuart are both quite active in musical theatre. How did you get involved in acting? Was there a time when you considered acting or singing as a career?

My Dad's side of the family has a history in stage.  My paternal grandparents actually founded a musical theatre company in Brisbane in the 1960's, and it's still alive and strong!  Dad's brother had a career in opera, and before Dad had his strokes he was a fine singer and guitarist too. 

My first stage performance was doing ballet, when I was 5.  I was in the junior choir at school, studied piano and singing from the age of 5, and did my first Eisteddfod when I was 7.  I loved to sing!  I joined a local theatre group for children when I was 9- we did pantomimes mostly- and the Queensland Youth Choir when I was 12.  We toured to many places around Australia and performed at Christmas festivals in Brisbane plus many many other events.  I also started flute when I was 9, did AMEB exams for years but rarely pick it up now.  I kept doing vocal Eisteddfods locally right through my childhood, and always enjoyed them!  For me everything was about music and performance.  School plays and musicals, skits for drama, etc. etc.  I studied Music and Drama as elective subjects in year 11 and 12 and they were always my favourites. :)
 As for musical theatre, I did shows with the company founded by my grandparents for many years and introduced an already very dramatic Stuart to the world of theatre after we started dating when I was 17.  We played Leisl and Rolf together in a production of "The sound of music" in 1998 (my stepdad also played Captain Von Trapp), and did "Les Mis" together in 2000.  It was so great.  I definitely thought about a career in theatre, but never pursued it seriously enough.  I don't think of myself highly enough as a performer anyway..... would need to grow in confidence first! I did audition for a degree in Music Therapy (first year the QLD Uni ever offered it, and they only accepted 7 students total in Queensland; needless to say I wasn't one of them!) but I was offered a place in Arts and Music.  This is one of the decisions in my life I MOST regret- I turned it down and went and studied Early Childhood Education and Social Science instead. Grrrr......

#2 I've always felt a kinship with you, because we share a love of home.  You named your home "House of Dreams." What advice would you give to someone who wanted to create a "House of Dreams" for her family?

Well, as you know, this hangs outside the front of our home.  The name is mostly inspired by one of my favourite novels, "Anne's House of Dreams". Stuart also likes the Anne books (well, the movies), so I was lucky he also liked the name!  This home is little and homely and cottagey, like Anne's House of Dreams...... and feels small and possibly transitional, like hers.

Also, we are dreamers.  We always have been.  I dream big dreams for my family.  For us, for our kids.  So, it's the House of Dreams. :)

#3 You're a mother of three children - 2 boys and 1 girl. Do you find that raising boys is very different from raising girls? What do you think are the greatest joys and challenges of raising children in the world today?
I guess my approach towards all the babies has been the same.  As they've grown, I have seen differences emerge but honestly these have mostly been based on their personalities.  Saraya is actually more outgoing, outdoorsy and noisy / energetic than Elijah!  He is quiet and passive, but then maybe it's a middle child thing?  Or just him?!  They are all so different.  Saraya is sweet and naturally likes to follow me and learn "lady things" from me, and I know Elijah is getting more and more attatched to Stuart.  Will is very energetic and bouncy but we're yet to see what his "bent' is!
Joys and challenges?  Oh, I'm tired and it's hard to think! :)  Um....... Joys are watching them grow up, sharing the everyday little moments together, knowing you are impacting the future of the world, leaving a heritage, creating memories, growing a family, etc.  Challenges are - well, the world isn't the nicest place to live!  It's hard to get that balance between being "in" the world but not "of" the world......  It's also challenging as a Mum because there's so little time for yourself.  that's what I find hardest!

#4 Your town is the home of Mary Poppins creator, P.L. Travers! In your opinion, what are 3 other places that a visitor to Australia absolutely must see?

* The Sunshine Coast is beautiful - gorgeous beaches and lovely green mountainous countryside too.  It's where we'd always hoped to settle, on land somewhere down there. It's too expensive now!!  My parents are retiring there in a few years, bringing them one hour closer to us, yay!
*  Tasmania is really special. We holidayed there when I was 15- very pretty.
* Um..... I'd say the Blue Mountains, which is in New South Wales and where Stu and I went on our honeymoon.  It's a beautiful, beautiful place.  Especially Leura, a tiny almost European-like village. Lots of little shops and restaurants. I'd love to go back!
These are 3 places I've been to and loved..... but there are many, many others.  We've never been to the outback but would love to one day!

#5 said that you love to be interviewed. Tell us why.

Ha!!  this is a funny one.  I was telling some friends recently about my interviewing- well, my obsession.  Yes, I have little talks to myself constantly, being interviewed.  It's out loud.  As in I talk out loud.  An interviewer (who might be radio or magazine) asks me questions.  Often they're about childrearing or theatre or gardening..... and I've usually become a bit famous for some reason eg successful homeschooler, amazing self-sufficient gardener extraordinare, musical theatre sensation.........
It's quite funny when I'm out hanging washing, being interviewed by a newspaper in rural Ireland (where I live), speaking in my Irish accent, as an old lady (I'm 60 now)..... and the children walk by and hear me.  They stop and listen and think I'm slightly mad.  Which, perhaps, I am ;)
SO, I often imagine I'm being interviewed.  It's fun to think out loud about your life or aspirations or convictions or imagined successes.  Most creative and enjoyable- you should try it!!!

And that is the end of this interview.  Thankyou Heather for indulging me!  Hope you enjoyed the answers!


Renata said...

Great answers!! It's nice getting to know you a bit more! I think Leura is a really pretty place as well - definitely worth the visit! It's interesting knowing your history in performing - you are certainly very gifted!
I love the name of your home - I think it fits perfectly for a home filled with children & happiness!

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahahahaha - oh Min I'm still cacking myself!! Love, love that you finally got interviewed. I said it wouldn't happen - shows how much I know!!! Hope you are all well my little blossom. Seeya sometime. Helen.

Theresa said...

What about Fraser Island... it is right on your doorstep and every tourist needs to visit it. Oh and another place to visit ADELAIDE should definitely be on the list, so much to do and always a festival on to see and oh ... it's where we live!

Linden said...

I loved reading this! You know, I think creative people tend to interview themselves; I do it, and so do two of my best friends, one is a writer and the other is a painter. (And I'm pretty much anything!) And yay for musicals!
I have actually been wanting to go to the Sunshine Coast for a long time, so I'm happy that you mentioned it.


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