Saturday, March 21, 2009

A sweet start to Saturday

An spontaneous breakfast tea with an early riser. :)

A Beatrix Potter reading fest, inspired by our tea mugs.

A very happy baby.

Cool, fresh breezes, dappled sunlight shining on the ground and trees still wet from the overnight rain.

Two children who jumped into the "big bed" to have a little reading time, independently.

An hour-long chat on the couch with my husband, about musical theatre, career, family, friends, children and life in general (no pictures of this ;)).  Ah, a sweet start to the weekend.  Now the washing is done, the rest of the family is out, and I am going to go curl up with my book for awhile.  Yippee!! :)


Tereza said...

I love Saturdays like that!! Enjoy it!

Cathy said...

How idyllic!!
You truly are blossoming!

Renata said...

Sounds great!! Our saturdays always seem rush, rush, rush - I would love the chance for a slower start!


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