Thursday, March 5, 2009

Early morning promo at the markets

Every Thursday in Maryborough is Market day.  Generally I head in early, before Stuart goes to work, to buy fresh local fruit and vegetables at a much better price than Woolworths charges.  Today however, our whole family headed in at 7am for a slightly different reason..... to promote Wizard of Oz!  Stu, Alex (Dorothy), Gavin (Scarecrow) and Amy (Glinda, no costume though) walked the streets handing out brochures, with the kids and I in tow. :)  They were very in character and it was quite hilarious watching them with the crowd- good old street theatre!

Here are some pics of our morning........

Yay! Free popcorn! Good thing cos we didn't have time for breakfast :)

The stall holders were great and seemed to enjoy the show :)

Gavin's great idea! A shame Tinman wasn't available this morning...

Free lolly tastings!

We got a little tired of walking.... the children loved sitting and looking at these statues for awhile

We found Mary Heritage (an icon here) doing the "welcome to Maryborough" announcements for the morning, and got her to read aloud the brochure through the sound system!  Good advertising. Aren't we a theatrical bunch in this town?!

Stuart just commented that he wants to go next Thursday and do it all again.  I'm not sure about that, but it was a fun way to start the day!!  


Renata said...

Those markets sound wonderful - I would love somewhere like that nearby to buy fresh f&v!
The cast members did look to be having a fun time!! What a great idea for promoting the show!

Linden said...

I love all your photos! Especially the one with Saraya and Stu!!! :)
I remember the fun and the excitement when we got a couple restaurants interested in having us do bits of Oliver for their customers. (I ended up going with our pianist and our main Oliver to a tea-shop and doing about five pieces.) However, since it is still winter here, we couldn't do anything outdoors like you did.
Theatre is just so much fun... I love to share it with people!



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