Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's Over!!!!!!!!

Yesterday afternoon I went to see my very talented husband and adorable daughter in the Wizard of Oz.  Yes, it was my turn to see it, finally!  I went with my brother Michael while my Mum (who was here again for the weekend, hooray!) looked after the boys.  It was SUCH a treat to be there, just Michael and I, and oh so strange to be in the audience and not on the stage with them!  But wonderful.  Stuart was a delight- so clever and funny and loveable, and I'm very proud of him.  And Saraya was positively gorgeous as a munchkin- even when she kept nervously chewing her nails between dance bits. :)  I'm a very proud Mamma.

It's been a massive journey, a very successful production, and I think we're all in the post-euphoric state that comes at the end of a show.  I wonder what the theatre will do next year???

I've had an extremely emotional few weeks, with lots of deep thoughts running through my head about all sorts of things.  I'm sure I'll be sharing some of them in the coming days..........  
Happy Sunday everyone!


Tereza said...

I'm glad it's over and done with for you!

Amy said...

You must be looking forward to the day when all 5 of you are up there! I can definitely see that happening! x

Rebecca J said...

I'll be praying for you dear one. The "after" of anything of this magnitude seems to deflate me. I wonder if that is contributing.

Love and Prayers,

jazzy cat said...

In keeping with Amy's comment - all I have to say is: The Sound of Music (the Von Fern family)....:-)

Linden said...

I love the way you talked about the theatre, it reminds me so much of myself when I'm on a production buzz.


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