Monday, March 16, 2009

Our afternoon

This afternoon we pottered in the garden.  We made a quick teepee from bamboo stakes and planted seeds for climbing beans, bush beans and sunflowers.

This pumpkin vine is growing very well, it's quite wild!  
It had been awhile since we had done any planting in the garden.  The children were willing helpers and we enjoyed the cool afternoon, the sunshine and the togetherness.

William enjoyed crawling about with the chickens, digging and eating soil. :)

Tonight Saraya opted to read her school readers to Elijah before bed, a privilege for him as he loves the stories in her readers!

Things are looking up.  Yes, definitely they are.   Thankyou Helen and Cathy for some beautiful conversation today.  And my bloggy friends for some encouraging comments too! :)  "This too shall pass"....... and I can feel this is an opportunity for a turning-point in my marriage and family life.  And for my personal life.  I'm quietly excited!  And gardening always brings me peace. :)


Theresa said...

Don't you just love being outside... the garden is looking good Saminda, glad you are feeling better.

Linden said...

Your garden looks so beautiful! All I have is melty-snow and a smoking mountain to look at...
I love your photos... treasure your time before it's all just memories!


Christy Walsh said...

Great vegie patch Saminda!! Makes me want to start digging and being with my 3 little ones in the garden :) Hope you have a very peaceful week.


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