Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday afternoon

It's a drizzly, windy Sunday afternoon.  We're still in March, yet it feels more like June.  It's chilly and a bit electric outside.  Great weather, especially when it's the weekend and you can take a little time out for some reading. :)

Brisbane author (I feel so proud, I too am a Brisbane girl!) and young Mum (huge respect, how does she find time to write such spectacular stories?!) Kate Morton has written a beautiful, mysterious, very very clever historical novel set partly in early 1900's London, cliffs at Cornwall, the wharf at Maryborough during early settlement (you know I now live in Maryborough so reading about the early history here was brilliant!), and Brisbane during the 1970's.......... all so interesting, and such a great novel!!  Full of mystery and romance and generational family saga.... but not overdone, just so gently, honestly written......... so clever the way the stories intertwine...... oh, that's it- I'm going to get off the computer now and keep reading!!  Just a hundred pages or so to go.  Track it down and read it, I highly recommend it!  Apparently her first novel The Shifting Fog is also excellent, and was an international bestseller.  This one is her second.


On a side note, thank you all so much for your thoughtful comments below, and your prayers and encouragement.  
We are doing better.  We are talking, which is such a good start.  I'm going to be patient because I know this will be a process of healing and negotiating and working out how we can both do better, how to move forward.  This is so not one-sided; I need to make some adjustments too and be really honest with myself.  Never easy, but so worth it.  It's interesting to discover that no matter how much a couple can love each other, it's still easy to hurt one another and grow more distant as the years pass.  Easy to get caught up in life's pursuits, in careers, in friends, in the care of children.  
So good to be focusing on our togetherness again.  So important.  I'm handing this one over to Jesus this week; I'll be trusting, praying, listening, learning.


Karen said...

Oh I love to read! I'll have to see if I can find the book at the library over here.

Renata said...

That book looks fantastic - I would pick it up just from the cover illustations!!
I'll have to go searching.


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